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Will my 2nd DUI conviction from another state cause problems at the status hearing for my unsupervised probation?
I was put on unsupervised probation for two years and then moved to a different state. I completed the conditions in another state but got charged with 2 DUI's. Will this revoke my probation even if it was in another state?
Very well might. If you don't have an attorney on this yet, you need to get one. If not breaking the law was part of...
Arrested on speeding (No-DUI/DWI) .. will it affect my H1-B visa stamping?
I was arrested,Photographed, and fingerprinted for speeding 65 on 35 in 2011 in the state of MO, hired an attorney and paid the ticket in full. ''NO-DUI/DWI'' Planning to go for H1B Visa stamping in FEB 2016, will it have any effect on my H1 B stamping? Also i don't have any documents regarding my arrest, except the abstract copy from DMV-MO. The Arrest ticket was not showing in the Abstract copy. 1. While Filling DS-160 do I need to say yes for the question have you been ever Arrested or Convicted? 2. Does the immigration officer know about my arrest record ? 3. What documents I need to get from the court ? 4. What are my chances of getting successful H1B Visa stamping ? 5. If I get 22l(g) for the above reason how long shall i need to wait to get the Approval?
A speeding ticket will have no immigration/visa effect whatsoever. Be sure to disclose it if you must, with paperwork...
Can a person testify for the government having a federal indictment and dwi then testify 3 days later
Testifying against me for the government after being indicted and DWI three days before the court hearing and not brought up
Yes, a person can testify against you under those circumstances. The question is whether or not the prosecutor knew...
Live in St Louis MO, received DUI in Bloomington IL. Will I need a lawyer from Illinois?
First offense, mid fifties. Are my driving privileges immediately revoked, or does that happen at court date?
You will need to hire an attorney who is licensed in Illinois, though not necessarily ine located in IL. You may want...
1)Will my extension denied? 2)Should I ans YES to part4 Q:6&13 in i539? 3)Should i still tell abt my DWI if i129 alone filed?
I had my 1st DWI offense and arrested on 09/19/2015 night. I blowed .186 and I was kept that night in Maryland heights police department cell. I charged with the below 3 tickets. No other criminal or any bad records for me. 1) Careless and Imprudent driving 2) Driving while intoxicated 3) Leaving the scene at an accident, No injuries to any person(Hit a parked car on a parking lot while taking reverse, very minor scratch) I went to court with Robert Schultz on 12/14/2015, and below are the things ordered by judge. 1) 24 months SIS probation for DWI 2) 12 months SIS probation for LSA 3) SATOP class (Completed SATOP WIP) 4) VIP (Completed) 5) Restitution $927 (Paid) 6) Court fines $654 (Paid) I am on H1B and my visa is valid till March 31st, 2016. My employer will file my H1B extension in a month. My Employer will file my i-129 petition along with i-539 since my wife is here with me on H4. I would like to clarify the below:
I would not file any application without a thorough consultation with an immigration attorney.
Please email to [email protected] arrest detail on Corey Michael Nuspl for August 22. 2014 for a DWI in St. Louis mo
Will someone email me the arrest record on Corey Michael Nuspl on August 22, 2014 for a dwi in St. Louis mo thank you [email protected]
I think the only person who would have that info would be his attorney and, without his permission, sending it to you...
If I have warrents can I go take my drivers license test without being arrested?
My licence expired in April and I know I'll have retake the written and driving portion, but I have warrents and I would like to know if I can get a new license without getting arrested.
The first thing a state does is suspended your license or your ability to obtain a license when you are a FUGITIVE....