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Also an empty baggie that held drugs was found in the car after the cop pulled she and her boyfriend over. They were very cooperative. My friend the driver was in ministry school for many years before her relapse and is a good woman but has an addiction. She has inheritance money she can use to get a much better attorney. Please advise. She wants to get sober.
This is not the place to advertise for a lawyer. It violates the terms of service. It sounds as if your friend has big...
how long do i wait to get my Class D license active again to drive school bus?
This looks like a duplicate post. See my previous answer.
I was charged with the DUI 3 yrs ago and have paid all fines, hired an attorney to represent me in court and have taken required classes.
You usually lose your CDL for a minimum of 1 year. Talk with your attorney about this as they are in best position to...
We got pulled a little under a week ago with four people in the car. Two were drinking (including myself). The driver was over 21, and blew a 0.040 (under the legal limit), I (age 17) blew a 0.027, my parents were called to come get me and the other two people. The driver was let go with no charges so she got a different ride home. The officer told my parents that they would determine once the paperwork was filed whether or not I would get a citation for consuming alcohol underage, and that a letter would come in the mail within a week or two. I have never had any traffic tickets, and my record is completely clean, is there a chance I won't get a ticket? There have been lots of DUI/DWI's issued with the holiday season so I'm not sure if that helps.. If I do, what are the consequences?
You may or may not receive a ticket. If you do, retain an experienced criminal defense attorney to help you try to keep...
I was convicted of a Vanessa Law DUI at age 16 . I am now 22 and would like to work in Spain barring any visa complications arising from a criminal background check . My record is clean besides this infraction and the Spanish consulate may not even care , but I would like to know if this offense will appear on my State or FBI criminal record since I was a juvenile , and if so if I can expunge it .
DWIs are nearly impossible to expunge from a criminal record, especially one that recent. Although you were a juvenile...
I was arrested for DUI 2 years ago. When i was arrested i was given vehicle seizer papers and a 7 day revocation notice. After a 1 year wait while the officer was serving in military, and after 1 year of challanges, i plead guilty today. DVS now wants to revoke my lisense for 1 year, as the police never sent them notice 2 years ago. I did not drive for over a year, based on the documents the officer gave me. After the fact i now find out they never actually revoked it durring the court process. They never sent the DVS the .11 test result from the urine test. DVS had no information on the event until what they will be recieving from court today. Can the police and DVS really claim they never sent in a notice they gave me, and revoke my license now? I have a copy of the original revocation.
That situation does happen sometimes. A lawyer may be able to help you get relief from a court, but it should be...
The state told me I could meet with an evaluator for an exception but they are now telling me its is not possible and I would need to have the record expunged. Is this at all possible. I didn't have any offences in 45 years prior or after the 2 in 6 months.
You can lose your class A, B, and C driving privileges for life if you have two or more disqualifying offenses. Whether...