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I was rear ended by a drunk driver..
My car is totaled, I have been getting chiropractic treatments for my neck and shoulder. Long story short, I was in a desperate situation with no vehicle and a short timeline to pay off the remaining balance on my auto loan. I accepted what I thought was a decent settlement. I signed yesterday, come today, I find out I have a labral tear. Is there any way for me to get out of the settlement? Any advice is appreciated.
Probably not but contact your attorney if you had one and you should have had one in the first place. No attorney...
I was rear ended by a drunk driver who was operating a vehicle on a revoked license.
I previously discovered that he was convicted 2 years ago for DUI, his fines were pretty high, leading me to believe it wasn't his first time. My car is totaled, from the whip lash , I have been suffering neck and shoulder pain. What is a reasonable settlement offer in this case? I just want the insurance company to be fair and act in good faith. I really would like to settle this on my own if possible, but If the adjuster isn't willing to play nice, I have no choice but to obtain an attorney.
This ended up in the criminal defense forum and it is not that. You need to consult with a personal injury attorney...
Will I have to complete the DWI course back in Arkansas or can I complete the course in Alaska.
I received a 2nd offense DWI in Arkansas back in July 2012. My first offense was in Arkansas back in December 2008. While In Arkansas in 2012 I paid my fine, hired a lawyer, and completed the ankle bracelet monitoring sentence. However, I moved to Alaska in January 2013 and my suspension has ended back in August 2014. I was wondering can I take my DWI counseling course in Alaska to try to get my license reinstated? This is part of the process I must complete to try to get my driver's license back.
Talk with the Social Security Administration to find out if you can do this. Also, talk to the County Clerk to...
How long are original court documents kept for DUI? Can AK provide an authenticated court document from 2001?
15 years ago I was convicted of DUI in Ketchikan. Although I was eligible for diversion I unknowingly used out of state alcohol classes not recognized by AK so the conviction stuck. I have recently been charged with DUI in Colorado (again lower BAC at 0.09). Colorado is a lifetime lookback state so this Ketchikan conviction can be used against me. However Colorado will require authenticated copies of the conviction from the clerk of the appropriate court. It appears that authenticated copies in AK require the original document to be present in the court. How long are original documents kept in Alaska court? Ketchikan Trial Court. When I look up the case online it indicates "All Records Prior to 05/14/10 are Converted Records."
Simple answer is essentially forever. Even if converted to digital they would be admissible as public documents....
Should I stay with the public defender or hire a DUI attorney
The Court appointed the public defender when I was charged with DUI .
No one here can really answer that Q. I would sit down w/ the PD and discuss his/her experience. Then I would contact a...
Can you be arrested for DUI when you weren't in the car when the police arrived . The car in question was locked , no keys in th
Aressted for DUI in the state of alaska . I was not in the car when approached by the police . The car in question was locked and there were no keys in the ignition . A caller reported a possible drunk driver and I was the first person he saw . I was crossing the street in a parking lot that is close go where I live when approached by the police and arrested . It was note time and the parking lot was dimly lit .
Arrested, yes; convicted, perhaps not. The standard to contact (reasonable suspicion) is lower than the standard to...
How far back does the state of Alaska look back at your record when sentencing on a first DUI conviction
DUI conviction in the state of Alaska
The prosecutor will have access to see your entire driving and criminal history. Each state has different DUI laws so...