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I had a 3rd DUI in Oct 2005. My 1st one was in 1997, and the 2nd one was in 2001. All my fines and court fees will be paid off in Aug. of this year. My 10 year revocation will end in Nov of 2015. I am a Persian Gulf War veteran that has been going to group and one-on-one therapy sessions at the Fairbanks Veterans Center. I started going after my 3rd DUI when as part of my court ordered treatment I realized that I have PTSD/ anxiety. What I would like to know is what do I need to get my license back. It took me a while to realize I have a problem. I took steps. I served in the Army from 1988 to 1996. Got out with an Honorable Discharge. I only got into trouble with drinking and driving when I got out of the service. Now I got my act togeather. I would like to know what steps to take.
Although I am not an attorney in Alaska, I had a client from Alaska and worked with DMV issues and from my...
I got charged with a DUI in the middle of October. I plead not guilty because the story that the cop had made no sense. According to him I blew a .075 BrAC on a PBT. Then less than 15 minutes later, I blew a .087 BrAC on the Datamaster DMT. Now I know that PBT's are not as reliable, but I would like to add that I was given another PBT at booking and I blew a .078 BrAC. I hired a lawyer to fight the criminal case and DMV. The military has initated an automatic chapter by our CG's policy letters (Chapter 14-12C). My biggest concern is that since I am under an MEB process and the CG has to decide on a chapter or the MEB, that he will do so without allowing the case to be adjudicated in civil court. AR 635-200 doesn't mention too much about DUI in that particular section.
Contact your attorney of record immediately as Avvo is not a substitute to assist in a live pending quasi criminal case.
violating child custody now in washington. what can be done?
Contact a family law attorney. Criminal defense lawyers probably won't be able to offer decent advice in this area.
I was pulled over and got a dui i am being chaptered out on other than honorable discharge , so my question would be can i apply for an upgrade after 6months or should i try and fight it to stay in? i feel like i was left with no option but to take the discharge
Please repost your question to the "Military Law" Practice Area where your question will more easily come to the...
just wants to get to Haines Jct, How difficult would it be to get into Canada. no other criminal carges since my DUI convection in 2004.
You could be turned away at the border and the very least be detained for a long time. There is a process of...
i have just got read my GOMAR , never been in trouble before, work for the LTC , pretty good solider only and E3 been in a little over 2 years. i want to wright my rebutt but i am not sure what all i should be putting in it because i have not gone to court or been convicted of my dui yet. i have had a few people to wright a letter to add in to it .is that a good idea
Hire a good attorney to assist you. Your base may have the names of attorneys who do such work for you at discounted rates.
I drove to the store after taking my meds, the cop saw me stumble going to my car, pulled me over, and took me into the station. I passed both breath tests, so they took me to the hospital for a urine analysis and a blood test. The only thing I was on was my prescribed ambien, can I still be charged if I wasn't arrested right then and there?
Yes, it is entirely possible that they will pursue a charge of something along the lines of OUID, (Operating Under...