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My wife was just arrested for leaving the scene of an accident and she was severely intoxicated.
Smart should we do?
Advise her to excercise her right to remain silent. If she is in jail, she should know that her personal calls are...
How might my underage possession of alcohol turn out if it is my first offense in virginia?
I was driving my car and had open beer and closed beer laying around. The police gave me a ticket for underage possession of alcohol.due to being pulled over because of a broken tail light,it is my first offense and. I blew a .08 at the time the officer gave me the citation. I'm afraid I'll have to pay a large fine and lose my license for 6 months. What usually happens to first time offenders in Virginia for this? I am 18 years old
You should really consult with a local criminal defense attorney about all of this. Since you have no priors, you may...
Does Virginia offer an alcohol-restricted license similar to the "J" license restriction in Maryland?
I need to get an alcohol restriction placed on a license in Virginia similar to the "J" restriction in Maryland. This is NOT a restriction on driving times/purposes, just a restriction that you can't have ANY alcohol in your system whenever driving. Is it possible to get such a restricted licnese in Virginia?
Consider calling a VA DUI lawyer for a free consultation if no VA DUI lawyer answers your question. You'll be able to...
I need a certificate of completion from Virginia ASAP to get my license reinstated. This is my 2nd try, they want $400 extra.
I have to get a certificate of completion from Virginia ASAP to get my license reinstated in Virginia. This is my second attempt at completing the ASAP course and they are now trying to charge me an extra $400 dollars stating that I am a DMV referral. This extra charge does not include any costs associated with treatment. Is this legit? My licenses was suspended because of my DWI and the DMV suspended it because of the finding of me being guilty of the DWI in court so why should I have to pay into the program twice?
It seesm to me that even though that is a bunch of money, if the State is telling you that you aren't getting what you...
Recent DUI was dismissed completely. Now I have been told it can or needs to be expunged. How do I do that and is there a cost
DUI was thrown out because there was no proper arrest, never taken to magistrate
If it was dismissed, then you wouldn't need to get it expunged. Expungements are for people that were convicted.
Did this police officer blackmail me? And if so, what can I do?
Last night I was at a party with my friends. I had two beers, and my friends and I went outside on the street to smoke a cigarette. (My friends and I are 18). An officer approached us, asked what we were smoking, which was only cigarettes, and then asked if we were drinking. None of us were drunk, but the smell of beer was on our breaths. The officer questioned us, searched us, then used a breathalyzer. I had a 0.063. The officer pulled me aside and said that if I don't want to be charged I must help them find drug dealers at my school. The problem is, I honestly don't know any drug dealers, except a good friend, lets say his name is Bob. If I participate in the cop's sting operation I'm afraid that Bob or one of his friends will come after me. What can I do?
You have put yourself in a pickle and there's no easy way out. This should be a wonderful lesson to you as to what...
Appeal VASAP Counseling for .06 DUI
I did a plea for reckless driving for blowing .06...I've done the 10 VASAP classes and 9 AA classes. Now VASAP instructed me to do one counseling intake. When I did the intake the counselor recommended 6 months of two day a week counseling. cost over 2k..when I did my plea I did not know I would have to do 6months on top of the VASAP classes and AA classes Ive already taken. Can I appeal the counseling? I've called the PO 8 times and still no call back. I don't want to in non compliance..thanks
You can ask the court that put you on probation to modify the terms. But, they are probably going to go with what the...