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DUI Bond Revocation
I posted a cash bond for a friend of mine who had got her 3rd DUI in 5 years with aggravating circumstances (.24 BAC and ran into the back of another vehicle, no injuries). Her case was extended and while out she left Louisville to go back home in Madison County and was arrested for alcohol intoxication in public and released on her own in less than 24 hours. Will this cause the bond to be revoked and will I lose the cash I put up? Does the fact it happened in another county make any difference to whether the court will know about it at her next court appearance in a few weeks? Finally, is there any way possible that I can have the bond revoked myself and get the cash back before it's lost? Thank you for any replies.
It will be most likely the case about the bond as one of the condition was probably remain law abiding. The cash will...
I need help getting my license back after dui 4th while driving on dui suspended license
I got a dui 4th while driving on dui suspended my plea deal was to suspend my license for 5 years that 5 years was up in February 2015 now department of transportation says I have 5 more years suspended because of the driving on a suspended license and the dui how can they change what the judge sentenced me too. Is there anyway I can get my license back now.
The best answer is at the licensing authority of your state. You can call then and they can explain what to do.
Can my husband contest a divorce and get custody of our kids if he is an alcoholic and has had 4dui's in the last 9yrs?
my husband is receiving his 4th dui in the last 9yrs he drinks consistently i have found him passed out with a lit cigarette in his hand he drinks every night till he passes out. he has had 2 car accidents because he was drinking and I had to leave 2 jobs because i could not trust him to take care of the kids at night.
The short answer is yes, depending on the circumstances. You do not mention anything about yourself. Most courts will...
My dad has a DUI first time and terroristic threatening 3rd degree and a menacing charge to all within two day can he go to jail
He has not ever been in trouble with anything in his past this is first time and on the DUI charge the vehicle was not even running it was setting in the front yard but I always keep the keys in the ignition.
Asker, you didn't ask a question here. What's your question> ? Your dad is going to need to hire an attorney to...
Will I still be able to have my DUI expunged?
One year ago I plead guilty to a DUI charge in Kentucky. I was told i could have it expunged if I kept my record clean for 5 years. Unfortunately, this past weekend I received a ticket for an open container violation in Oxford, Mississippi. (I was not in a car, rather walking on the street).
The statute is clear that ther must be 5 years of clear conduct. Retain a lawyer in Oxford. The lawyer may be able to...
Do I have to take classes again?
I got a 2nd DUI Feb. 2013. In Indiana. I have a Kentucky DL. I took required classes and was on probation in Indiana. After I did all my classes and paid my probation. The probation released me early. I wasn't aware My Kentucky DL had been suspended until last week when I was going to get a Indiana DL. Frankfort Ky DMV said they won't accept my classes they should have been been turned in immediately after completion. I had no idea. Now they want me to do 36 weeks of classes again. Can There be a loop hole or way to fight this? Thank You.
There may be. You should definitely hire a Kentucky attorney to see if they can obtain your course history and apply...
I live in ky and recieved a dui here and now florida is holding it against me suspended me for life how is this legal?
it is a 4th in my life time dating back 25 yrs. 3 in florida
Florida's DHSMV web site lists the following for a 4th DUI: 4th DUI or Subsequent DUI Conviction - You must serve 5...