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I live in Va., can I fight a drunk in public charge if I was on private land NOT visible by my community nor a public road?
I was the victim of ass. and batt., I called the sheriff's dept. to come to help me. I had just had my life threatened--on top of beaten. I already had a black eye and visible scruffs on my knees where I had been tackled to the ground repeatedly. Because I was distraught,& after the off. came out of the garage from speaking with the 'offender' he had already decided that he was taking us both to jail without even hearing my side. He ended up arresting only me for drunk in public and resisting arrest. I was on priv. prop. where no one in my community can see, nor could we see a public road, furthermore, I did not try to "flee" which constitutes resisting arrest. In what I have read, I was not legally "in public" so the arrest seems to be unlawful, therefore, COULD resist, though I did not.
I suggest that you consult Susan Johnson, an atttorney in Staunton who handles these types of cases. You can fight it,...
Can I get a restricted license after a felony DWI?
In 2014 I was involved in a DWI. Another car crossed over the center line, I swerved to avoid it, and injured a pedestrian. There was alcohol in my system. This was my first offense - both traffic and criminal. My lawyer had me plead guilty. I lost my license for 4 years, have been on probabtion for two (with zero issues), paid off all court fines as well as a substantial restitution to the victim. The accident occurred in NC but by the court date I had moved to VA. I have no family in the area and no close friends in town. My boyfriend, the reason I moved to VA, is slated to deploy in the next year. Is there a way I can petition for a restricted or hardship license so that I can maintain the house, go to doctor's appointments, care for my animals, etc. while he is out of the country? Better yet, is there any way I could potentially get an actual license back before the originally assigned 4 years is over?
You are going to be in quite a dilemma here. First, you have to go to NC to to get your license reinstated. Then you...
Do not think that I am judging you, but it sounds like there may be an issue with alcohol. treatment would not only...
Can I get a liquor license with a dui in virginia?
I got a dui over 8 years ago and have a felony over 17 years ago can I get a liquor license in the state of Virginia
You could check with Virginia ABC but it is my understanding that conviction of a felony will prevent you from getting...
How can I get my charge for a dwi dropped from my record?
I was charged 9/28/15, the hearing was finalized 2/03/16 with nolle prosequi. Each drug test came back clear (0 percent)
File a Petiton for Expungement to have the arrest and any notation dealing with the arrest removed from the record.
What are my minimum and max punishment for subsequent DUIs? Is how harsh your punish is, is determined by the judge that day?
I have a friend with a DUI case pending in Fairfax County, received another DUI 4 months later. First BAC .19, second BAC .13. He's scheduled to graduate in May 2017 with a major in criminal justice and hopes of joining the Air Force reserves. He has no prior criminal records and he has always been doing great things up to this point. I don't understand
DUI law is not user friendly. Both 1st and 2nd offense are class 1 misdemeanors with a maximum possible penalty of 12...
What should I do about an abandoned vehicle ticket after I've sold the car?
When we met, I told him everything that was wrong with the car, including the key being stuck in the ignition. We were supposed to meet the next day to finish the sale, but he didn't show up and when I called i got no answer. The following day, the car was gone. He gave me cash and i left the title in the glovebox, and the plates were still on it. I didn't get proper documentation for the sale because I only spoke to him in person for about 10 minutes. I've called him several times but haven't gotten an answer. I sold the car on 2/4, which I report to the dmv & my insurance, the ticket is dated 2/10. What should I do?
If it is a valid ticket, you still have to pay it, even if you no longer have the vehicle.