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That I had used a curse word at an employee which is untrue and that I was intoxicated and I get random drug tested what canido
I want to know if they could fire me for hearsay and that they have no proof of any of this
Contact an employment attorney. Good luck.
With first DWI record in New York*** eight years ago, would it be difficult to obtain the driving license in FL?
***DWI Conviction on November 04, 2006.
Unfortunately, there is no clear answer on this matter. DWI is a serious offense in all States and there is a compact...
Quickly resolve medical review suspension for nys drivers license?
3 years ago I fell asleep white driving, accident happened, no one severely hurt or killed. First medical letter was oked, second stated "suspended due to unacceptable medical review" a year after it was sent it. I'm desperate...
I believe the information you are seeking can be found on the DMV website. I have provided a link below to the page...
Can I apply for a New York drivers license if my license is suspended in New Jersey?
DWI in my hometown of NJ but I work in NY. Can I legally apply for a NY license and drive in NY only?
No. The Interstate Driver License Compact will almost certainly prevent you from obtaining a license in NY. Here is...
I got a dwi If remember I blew just over it my first time ever being arrested now what can I do?
I was pulled over and arrested one night for dwi my court date is soon I wanna know if they will appoint a lawyer to me and can I get a conditional license. I've never been in any kind of trouble I go to school and work full time. I'm 24 all info is welcome
They will appoint a lawyer for you if you are indigent, which you may not qualify as if you are working full-time. I'...
I have tem green card , I was arrested for DUI in NY ! will I loose my green card?
or I can make any deal with courts if I hire a lawyer?
Please consult with an immigration attorney to discuss whether you are deportable for your conviction.
What action can I take against being accused of being a drunk and substance abuser ?
wrongfully accused and children were taken away.have suffered 6 long years and want my sanity back as well as my children.
If you have some medical and witness support concerning your sobriety, you may wish to contact a family law attorney or...