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Does an arresting officer need to ask for consent before giving a portable breathalyzer test?
The officer kept asking if I had been drinking. I eventually said "I have drank", to which he just replied "ok." He walked to his patrol car, retrieved his PBT, came back to where I was still sitting in the car, and commanded me to "take a deep breath, blow, and don't stop until I tell you to." I never was asked, just commanded. Will this PBT reading hold as probable cause for arrest, even if I never said yes to the test but just did as he told me to not cause any conflicts? After his "results" were displayed, he promptly commanded me to get out of my vehicle and put my hands behind my back. I was placed in the patrol car without any other test/procedures to prove alcohol intoxication. He said my PBT result was a 0.083.
Now , in Georgia we have a implied consent rule that requires the arresting officer to read your rights before...
If i am a 21 year old student and I harm somebody in a DUI Accident, can they sue my parents if the car title is in my name?
Parents are removing me from insurance because they feel they are at risk of being sued if I were to get in a car accident and hurt somebody else due to DUI. I own and paid for my car in full and the title is in my name.
You will be the only one who is liable, your parents are correct in what they are doing.
I blew a .14 on my 4th attempt (first 3 did not register) at a DUI checkpoint and was arrested for DUI. Could this case be beat?
I also did the full field sobriety test to which I believe to have completed pretty well. I have a squeaky clean record as of now. I just want to know if getting a lawyer and trying to fight the case would be worth it or if I should just pay the fines and accept my punishment. I know you probably need more info about the situation but everything was pretty normal other than the breathalyzer not registering the first 3 times. Any help would be great. Thanks
Get a local criminal defense attorney. A DUI is serious and can have long lasting consequences if you are not properly...
Can you change a DUI abstract that is wrong
HI I live in Mississippi. I received a DUI in October 2007 my attorney plead guilty in April 2008 {I wasn't there because he told me the wrong date} but the abstract says the conviction was April 2009. The lady from the court house said I appealed the case which I didn't because my attorney plead guilty on my behalf. She even had the wrong attorney on the abstract. The attorney on there wasn't my attorney. I really need the correct conviction date on the abstract is there anyway to fix this. Thank you please help im desperate. I was under the impression if you plead guilty you cant appeal the case anyway. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP
You may be able to file a Motion to Correct the Judgment, but your time to do this may have already run. If you are...
I got a dui in mississippi and i am moving to ?
I got a dui last night and will be moving out of state for school. Will i still be able to move? Can I do the MASAP in another state? Can I transfer to another probation officer in Oklahoma?
The consequences, some of which you have mentioned, only apply should you be found guilty. At this time, you have only...
Officers got charges mixed up. Can charges be switched after the fact in court?
They assumed my friend was driving when I was. We weren't pulled over, just found as we were parking at a friends. We never left my neighborhood. The officer, for some reason, claimed to see him driving and I assume that's how he filed his report since everything was issued to my friend. He was charged with either a DUI or DWI, and some random tickets/citations for disorderly conduct and the tag being expired on my vehicle. I got away with nothing more than a misdemeanor for disorderly conduct. They didn't test us in any kind of way for alcohol consumption, although I believe they asked him if he would like to be breahalyzed upon arrival to the police station and he declined. He is going to fight these charges in court, since he wasn't driving. Is there anything I have to worry about?
A prosecutor has discretion to change the charges after the time of arrest. For that matter, the prosecutor doesn't...
Will my insurance company see a 90 day suspension?
My DUI was recently nonadjudicated. My 90 day license suspension begins in September. My car insurance is up for renewal at the beginning of September (I am a depended under my parents' insurance)--will they see the license suspension. If yes, what will the license suspension show up as?
They will see it when they check your record. When they do it is up to them. If they do it at the time of renewal or...