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Can I fight a DUI Suspension that was not turned in as a DUI. The charge was Driving on a suspended 1st offense.
I was stopped and charged with Driving on a Suspended 2nd offences in April of 2015. In August I had a hearing and the charges were dropped to Driving on a Suspended 1st offense. Now three months later, I get a notice from the West Virginia DMV stating that my license will be suspended for 1 year for DUI. While my BAC was .05 which is under the legal BAC of .08 in West Virginia there was not charge for DUI even discussed. I have talked with the arresting officer who also agreed that there was no DUI charge and that it was only driving on a suspended 1st offense that was turned in to the DMV. I attempted to explain to her that the charge was not DUI but she would not listen. I moved to Orlando Florida just after the hearing. I am just at a loss as to what I can do.
Generally speaking, DMV and court aren't the same, that's why you can be charged in one and not the other, for most...
Possibility of underage consumption charge being dropped.
Over the weekend I was stopped by an officer and given an underage consumption ticket with a court date on March 17th. The officer said to me personally "If you just show up to the court date the charge will be dropped". There was a friend with me when he said this. I am turning 21 on March 1st and he said it will be an early birthday present. Do you think he was saying that just to get me to show up to court or is there an actual possibility that the charge can be dropped.
You should hire an attorney to represent you on this charge
Do I need a traffic attorney/DUI attorney?
I am required to drive an interlock equipped only vehicle based on a WV DUI sentence. I was pulled over for speeding in Michigan for 5mph over in a rental car, but was not ticketed for driving without interlock as my virginia drivers license does not show any restriction. My question is what to expect from WV, I.e. Will they find out that I was driving a non interlock vehicle despite not being ticketed for that? When WV runs a check at the completion of my interlock program and sees I had a speeding ticket, how deep will they look? Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.
No one can tell you if anything will come of this. All depends if the prosecutor becomes aware of the speeding ticket...
DUI first timer program/out of state
A received a DUI a few months back in Morgantown WV, and was placed in the first timers program, which requires me to get an interlock placed in my car and take AA classes. I am currently living in NJ. How do I got about finding the classes in my state? What are the requirements, and can the classes be taken online? Thank you in advanced!
You can find local AA classes online by My understanding of AA is that it is more of a meeting, and not really...
It took 4 hard and soft exhales to get a BAC on his handheld. Is it possible to read high due to same straw 4 times?
Was asked to blow 4 times into the same straw. Back to back exhales even extremely heavy and soft until a reading. Could the accumulation of alcohol vapor trap in the straw and once read after the 4th exhale read high. Why didn't they change the straw after each unsuccessful test. Done at intake for DIP.
Where you driving a vehicle? Were you arrested for DUI? You don't provide a lot of information. You're question is for...
Recived underage at WVU I'm 18 years old
i recived a underage citation the cop told me to pay it and I'm good so i mailed it in what if they never get it? do i go to jail? i live in md how will they get me. Its a underage citation that probably got lost in the mail. Would i be a fugitive in this case?help!!!!
The unanswered citation will eventually connect to Maryland and your license will be suspended until such time as you...
DUI/Licenses question
I was arrested a few days ago for a DUI. (less than week) I have an NJ license but the DUI took place in WV (where I live/attend school) Can I get my NJ license quickly transferred to a WV license so I will not face charges in two states?
You need to consult with an experienced DUI attorney. This is a complex issue that you must have an attorney for.