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What are the chances of a drug test?
I was arrested for a High BAC and possession charge but the prosecutor agreed to drop the possession charge and dropped the DUI to a OWI. I am out on bond and I was wondering if I'd have to drop at my sentencing. Thanks
Very high. The court will test you at sentencing and sometimes even as a one condition. Check with your lawyer who...
My bf has had two drunk drivings and was put on probation he was at home had a few beers and the cops showed up he has a PV
He has to work went thru with all his requirements and was almost done with probation
There really isn't a question here. If part of his terms of probation was he wasn't suppose to drink, he's in...
Arrested for MIP and hindering a peace officer, should I hire a lawyer? Is a deferral program possible?
I recently had a party at my apartment and was drinking. The police showed up and I was scared so I decided to leave out of my back window. After a few steps the cops were right behind me and arrested me for an MIP and hindering/obstruction of a peace officer. I have an arraignment set up in the coming weeks. I also have an OWI on my record. Is there any possible way for me to get into a deferral program? I feel like I'm throwing my future away and really need some help. Thank you for your time.
The short answer is yes, you are entitled to deferred adjudication. That being said, what you will be offered will...
20 yr old. 1st offense mip, should I hire a lawyer?
I was served at a bar for 4+ hrs. Then a bouncer followed me into the bathroom when I walked in with a nonalcoholic coke and told me I had to follow her. She led me out to the lobby where police officers were waiting for me. On the report I said that I didn't drink at the bar even tho the waitresses were practically throwing drinks at me..I blew a .138 and I'm wondering what the best route for me is? This is my first offense for anything and I would love to have it not follow me around, especially since I'm currently hunting for an internship this summer. Help!
Hello and thank you for contacting us. Shortly, someone from from staff or our attorney will attempt to call you using...
Is my breathalyzer result legally accurate? If i blow below .02 is that still a MIP?
I got an MIP, blew .069, I am 19, its my first one. A bouncer at a bar found me with a beer in my hand and asked me for my ID. I didn't give it to him. He then called the police then forced me to stay on a bench until the police arrived. The RO asked for my ID then to come with him, then he asked why I had been drinking. I responded I didn't know. I believe that counts as interrogation so my response can't be used in court as my miranda rights were not read to me. So he had me sit in the back of the car for about 3-4 minutes. He was not in it and was going through his trunk. Then he had me take a breathalyzer test. I strongly believe this was greatly higher than it should have been because i had half a beer and i weigh 210 lbs. and since he didnt wait 15 minutes i don't think its accurate
You may or may not be right on Miranda, but they can place you in a bar. You had a .06, not a .02 and that is above...
DUI possession of marijuana failure to transport correctly
I got a DUI failure to transport correctly and possession of marijuana my lawyer advised me to take impaired driving and failure to transport correctly he said I would not get probation I do have my marijuana cards so how can they test me for marijuana if I did get probation
You are required to obey the rules of your probation. A Judge can tell you that you cannot use marijuana while on...
DUI then arrested for domestic violence will bond be able to be posted in order to get out?
If my boyfriend got a DUI months ago and has still not went to court for it but recently got arrested for domestic abuse will he be able to be bonded out or will they hold him and make him serve time without a bond?
The short answer is a bond is a financial obligation to post money to ensure the individual returns and appears for all...