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How and where do you start the expungement of your DUI record
I have a DUI nine years old and a DUI 19 years old I am looking to clean up my record so that I may get a truck driving license
To be clear, in California an "expungement" doesn't clear your criminal record. Rather Penal Code 1203.4 allows a...
Can I have the remainder of my DUI fine converted to Caltrans or jail?
I had an $1874 fine converted to a $529 fine and 43 hours of community service. I was wondering if I could convert that last $529 to Caltrans or possibly even jail, and if so, how many days would I be looking at?
You certainly can out your matter back on calendar and request jail time or community see how much time or dollars you...
I got arrested for a DUI in 2008 and a possession of methamphetamine in 2012 petty theft in 2000...
My criminal record goes back to 1994 also the case of possession in 2012 was dismissed as well as other case in 1994...can I qualify for the new Obama's law?
Which new law are you referring to? Are you referring to immigration consequences? Your question is very vague.
Can I go back to work out of state after being convicted of a DUI?
My boss guarantees my job in Louisiana. The DUI was in Orange County, California
It depends on the conditions imposed on you. Assuming they imposed summary probation with standard terms, there's no...
If the court dropped my misdemeanor charge and my driving without a license charge, will it get removed from my dmv record?
I went to court to get those charges dismissed, and they did. But I wanted to know if they will still show on my dmv record? because it's costing me a lot of money insurance wise.
Probably not. When you were arrested for your DUI, you had 10 days to contact DMV and request a hearing. If you did not...
In orange county how harsh will a BAC of .21 for a first offense DUI be?
i am a psych undergrad at uci and also worried how this will effect school and future career goals of being a PHD. I was not hurt driving, did not crash, i made it a minute away from my destination when i was pulled over for speeding. how harsh will the punishment be?
Well, before you get into punishment, make sure you fully exhaust all defenses. A traffic stop for speeding is one...
What are my chances of not being deported if I was caught with dui and was detained by ice then I got married in good faith
I am in removal proceeding and I have an anklet that the ice wants me to wear all the time. I was detained because they got me for dui and found out that I overstayed my tourist visa. Now I got married to my husband (same sex marriage) in good faith and he doesn't want me to get deported. We are going to file the I130 and I485 together. I still have no court date. When will my anklet be removed? What's my chance of not getting deported? Please help when will I have to face my dui charges?
I strongly recommend you see an immigration attorney, as criminal offenses can have significant consequences on your...