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Is jail time mandatory for a 4th DUI in New Mexico?
My ex husband recently had his 4th DUI. He had a trial and I was told they will be selecting jurors next month for another trial. Does this mean he'll definitely have some jail time? I'm wondering whether to send my kids with him for their visitation. He's said his license is valid, but I don't see how it could be.
Yes! There is absolutely mandatory jail time on a fourth offense. This is a felony. It has between 6 months and 18...
Can I avoid an interlock in NM after having a valid FL license subsequent to my Colorado DUI? FL license has since expired.
I received a DUI in CO in 2007. A couple years later I received a normal FL driver's license. Since then my license has expired, and after moving to NM they are requiring an interlock device. Is this possible to avoid? Any help is much appreciated.
I am not licensed in New Mexico, so out of respect for any answer offered by an experienced attorney licensed in New...
Do I need a duo attorney
I recently got charged with dui. Even though I was not driving. The keys were not in my possession. And the cop even asked me where they were. I replied. I didn't know. Also he brought up a point, there are survalince cameras. Which to my advantage. I really wasn't driving. A friend drove me there then switched seats. The cameras would of had to see, I was a passenger. The cops arrested me and let my friend go. Any advice would help. As I chose the right to counsel in arraignment with no plea given. Thank you
If you're charged, you should get an attorney. If you think innocent people don't get convicted, look up how many...
I had one failed rolling retest on my interlock, then passed moments later. Do I need to worry?
First and last DUI. I don't drink anymore. Did all my probation stuff, pass every urine screening. Passed the first one that morning, started the car. Deiced the windshield using a spray which got into my mouth. Started to drive and rolling retest beeped a fail on me. But didn't honk horn or flash lights. Then I passed not a minute later. Compliance officer isn't worried but I am.
I don't think so. The retest was negative. I think you're fine.
Can soberlink help me when I go to court with my case?
I was arrested about a month ago and when I was released on bond they put me on soberlink 5 times a day, and they told me 3-6 months. I picked up 4 charges the night I was arrested (I don't feel comfortable saying what they are) but they are all only misdemeanors. I don't have a criminal record. This is my first time actually getting in this much trouble. Anyways I've been doing my breathalizer on time everyday and night and I haven't went near any alcohol, obviously. I wanted to know, is it possible that being on soberlink and doing what I'm supposed to with it can help me when I see the judge, and with the whole case in general?
I must say I have never heard of this "soberlink" is it some kind of an electronic-connected-to-the-internet-...
Do i have to get ignition interlock in new mexico with duis in a different state
I have duis in minnesota the last was in aug 2008 moving to new mexico trying to get license. All probation fine are paid and have had a valid license in mn for last four years. Not sure the law with ignition interlock and if i have to get it or what i need to do to find information
As long as you have satisfied all of the obligations and restrictions imposed by your dwi conviction in Minnesota, then...
I am panicked. I have my first ever offense DWI, speeding 8 miles over the limit. my court date is weds.
i was driving 8 miles over the limit, admitted to being drunk and spent 12 hours in jail. my court date is weds. and i am scared! help! my license is revoked and my car is impounded.
You still have time to contact an experienced defense attorney in your area who can help you with your situation. Most...