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I am a 57 yr old lady with 2 DUI ,that occurred nine months apart. Is it possible to seek early termination to return to SC?
I have gone and completed alcohol rehab ,MADD, and 100 hours of community service .I need to return to SC as I cannot find affordable housing in Stamford and other areas of CT. I live alone and want to be freed of the IID device on my car .What are my chances of early termination?
Probably would depend on how long your probation period is and how close you are to the end of that period.
I had two charges first driving with out reg, ins ,lic the 2nd was have my pills in the wrong bottle
i had pain killers 10mg in a 7.5 milligram bottle and nexium a acid reflux med in a pain killer bottle as well they gave the pain med witch i should of got charged with back but tried to charge me with the nexium in the pain killer bottle when i went to court i brought the prescription i had for the the nexuim and they said that the the charges would be dropped if i do so when i go for a job or look up my back round i am charged for the med witch i shouldn't be instead of being charge for the motor vehicle witch i payed my 350$ fin for and all .
What is your question?
Questions concerning refusal to take a breathalyzer and not submitting to any sobriety test or questions concerning sobriety.
I was pulled over for crossing the center line of a street. I was asked for my license and registration which I provided. I was asked if I had been drinking that evening because the officer said he smelled alcohol. I said there were people in my car before that I had dropped off that were drinking. He asked where I was coming from and if I had been drinking. I said "I respectfully decline to answer any questions". I started my cell phone video and asked if I was being detained and asked If could be on my way. He asked me to step out of the car and I then respectfully declined to perform any sobriety test. He placed me in handcuffs on suspicion of dui and asked if I would take a breathalyzer. i declined and then again at the station. I was told my license will be revoked. Do I have a case?
Connecticut law requires you to take a breath, blood, or urine test if you are arrested for a DUI. Connecticut’s “...
Massage without license would get ticket to a court in Stamford CT.?
My friend rent a store in Stamford looking for open a nail/facial/massage business , Store inside decoration is done (having the building permitt ) ,and waiting health department come to inspection , before inspection 1 week ago ,one day one of her business partner bring client doing part time massage by herself in store and she was catched by police and health dep ,And they gave the lady with store owner both tickets for a court ,because they said the store still not get the town's spa license yet and can not doing any business, It needs to get to court.??? Need lawyer help !!!
Use the "Find a Lawyer" tool here on AVVO for an experienced criminal defense attorney. I am in Stamford court...
Police officer used a taser on me...
I was intoxicated, having come from a friend's house after a few beers. While sitting down in front of a restaurant, an officer approached me and demanded I leave. He then asked for ID, a bunch of questions later I tried walking away. At that point the officer took his taser out of his utility pocket and said he would use it if I don't stop. Got the officer's name and badge #, called his supervisor but didn't report a complaint yet. What should I do? He did not arrest me.
IMMEDIATELY make a formal civilian complaint for excessive force. Don't just report it to the street supervisor go to...
NJ DWI with a CT license.
The driver compact confuses me. In NJ a DWI is not a crime, in CT it is. In NJ you aren't allowed to have a jury trial, in CT you can. In NJ you are not allowed to have a lawyer present at the breath test, in CT you can. In NJ there are NO plea bargains for DWI, in CT there are. How can CT treat an out of state traffic violation like I committed a crime in CT? There is no BAC reading and conviently NJ doesn't have any video. The prosecution in NJ is strongly encouraged to prosecute based on police obserrvation. Seems a little unfair. Do I have a DWI on my CT license for 10 years or is there a way to have it removed? My license is going to be restored in January but I am in the process of looking for a job and need a clean record.
First, did you contact a Connecticut licensed attorney before resolving the NJ DWI to work with your NJ attorney? Many...
Jail time?
My father got a DUI... First 1993,1994,2008 and last 2011 two months ago! The attorney my father has .. Don't like! Doesn't follow up and my father doesn't know what is going on! I don't want my father to go to the jail! We need a good attorney! Also... My father refused breathbazyler ... And we found it out next day! My father doesn't speak English well and he doesnt understand what he was asked for. Please need a advice
If I'm reading this correctly, this is a fifth offense...perhaps a fourth. Either way, the only likely way to avoid a...