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How do you prove the time of an arrest when the officers deposition states the time 2 hours later than it was.
I was riding an atv in a field when I came to the road a officer tried to stop me. Ikept going back off road in to the field a ways and shut off atv and waited. Officer came back a d arrested me for resisting arrest..later at the station they did testing and issued me 2 dwi charges. That was around 2 hours after I was arrested in the fields. But the deposition is saying the time of arrest was 2 hours later when we got to the station.
What does all the police paperwork say? What does the fingerprint report say - that has a time of arrest on it? Were...
Is it legal to enter canada with a dui?
the dui was 9 years ago in isa
I don't see what the problem would be, unless there was a warrant because tou didn't show up to court.
If you are both drunk and get in an accident and you say you were driving and take the dwi for the driver can you beat the case?
My girlfriend was driving home and got in an accident. When the cops came i said i was driving so she didn't get a dwi. i blew a .16. and got arrested for dwi. When i go to court i will plead not guilty because i wasn't actually driving. Is there a way i can beat the case?
You will need a very good defense attorney to overcome the damage you did to yourself. Interview and hire one who you...
What are the consequences of assualt 3rd, aou 3rd, and dwi in new york state?
I was intoxicated and decided to drive home, on the way i popped both front tires and had to pull over on the side of the road. Me and my friend got into an argument and i hit them. I couldnt fix the tire so i sat on the side of the road, ending up falling asleep and a cop came arresting me for these three offences. I'm wondering what my consequences may be. If im facing jail time or what?
I do not practice in your area, but the potential ramification for these crimes is jail. Whether you will ultimately be...
How do I get my bac from a past dwi?
I'm going through the screening process for a federal job. I need to get arrest notes, including bac from a dwi I got in 2007. I also need proof of completion of the drinking driving course I had to take.
Check with defense counsel, court and/police agency. Also, see if your drivers abstract reflects completion of course...
How can I save my TLC license if arrested for DWI?
TLC sent a letter that my license is suspended because of my recent arrest and the letter says if I plead guilty to DWAI or DWI I will be revoked and can't reapply for 3 years. How can this be avoided since I thought DWAI would be a good deal but I'm not sure what I should do.
Was the stop legal? Is there any doubt you were operating the vehicle? Were the field sobriety tests properly...
When is it acceptable for a judge to dismiss a dui case
I was pulled over for having loud exhaust. My inspection was expired, and i found out that same night my license was suspended for a fix it ticket(the officer told me it was nothing when he gave it to me). I have been living out of my car for 8 months and a friend gave me permission to spend the night. So i was headed there when i was pulled over. I asked the officer why i was being pulled over and she said my exhaust was too loud. She also told me my driving wasnt the issue. I feel i passed the sobriety tests. Which it was marked that i passed 1 of them, but failed the others... i blew 0.16 at the station. I have been putting all my money into a car that will last, and almost at the point where i can get an apartment and a better car. My car is a beater, that is why my inspection is expired. At this point a dui conviction would only ensure my homelessness for even longer... i was convicted of a dui almost 7 years ago in a different state
You do not present any legal basis in your fact pattern that would warrant dismissal. You blew double the limit for...