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I am currently on probation for a dui for 2 years
The conditions were no same or similar. The remain law abiding box was not checked on my sentencing order. I got in trouble for shop lifting just recently and went to court for that, i am on probation for 6 months and have a fine and a class to attend, now i got a letter that i have to go to a probation violation hearing, what will happen?
More details are needed to thoroughly provide you legal advice. For example, whether you pled to stay of imposition of...
Can you beat A DUI charge if no blood test or breathalyzer was taken?
The officer had stated that I refused to take a breathalyzer but that was a LIEEEEEEE! I did NOT refuse. The officer NEVER asked me to do anything but get out of my vehicle. He knew that I was under the influence so I think he figured he didn't have to take a breathalyzer (that's illegal) But I DID NOT REFUSE! As soon as I got to jail they asked me to take a breathalyzer and I DID! Now I'm suspended from driving. This isn't fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel so hopeless. Im extremely confused & hurt by this situation.
You need to get an experienced criminal defense attorney to help you because no officer would refuse to get a Blood or...
How how can I get my driver's license back after they suspended it pulling me over on DUI charges that were not filed they were?
I was pulled over with my girlfriend driving they gave us both of DUI they did not file against me I'm getting my car back but how can I get my driver's license back
Who was driving? Best to check with the DMV and get a copy of your driving record to make sure they did not charge you...
What if I got a cancel for an Intoxilock fail, would that require an implied consent hearing ?
Failed the Intoxilock, on my way to work I called Intoxilock to see what I needed to do. They said nothing and gave me instances of what can cause the fail. No big deal.? then a week later I got a cancel notice and want me to do rehab reinstate and 6 years of Intoxilock? What a money scam.
It's unclear why you would need an IC hearing. If you got a revocation then you would likely need to apply for another...
Released on DUI suspicion more than a year ago without a word from the courts.
I was arrested on a warrant for PO violation at my home on 4/12/2017. In conjunction I was arrested on DUI suspicion. Was taken in to custody and released after 48 hours when I should have been held for PO violation warrant arrest. To this day I cannot figure that one out. One week later I was once again arrested on the same warrant for PO violation. During the first arrest, my plates were impounded (not the vehicle because I was parked in my home garage with keys in my possession). After the 2nd arrest I sat in jail for 3 months awaiting sentencing, appeared through several Court hearings for PO violations, my probation was reinstated, no DUI charges were filed or even mentioned for that matter. Meanwhile my license was revoked by the Minnesota DMV because my plates had been impounded. Today is 5/16/2017 and I have not received any summons or complaint from the Courts for DUI arrest more than a year ago. Can I still be summoned and charged after all of this?
Yes. The statute of limitations for this type of charge is likely three years. I would recommend that you have a lawyer...
A friend he is not to be named wants to use K2 can it show up in the new drug test or if a lab gose over the ua for confirmation
I have a friend a guy he wants to use I keep telling him no he suggested k2 I told him the conciquences he is wondering if k2 can show up on uas for probation with the new kits they use and a lab ua check test I want to know some ones opinion to talk him out of it he is on uas in Washington county mn
First, K2 can be very dangerous and inconsistent. Second, I would have to assume any drug test would at least identify...
After my dwi I got smart start in my truck for 1 year.Can my county make me keep it for 2 more years for a felony I got befor?
I've had smart start in my truck for a year after my dwi. I went to see if I could get it out, they told me they added 2 more years on for a felony I received before the dwi. I didn't violate my probation. Can they do that?
Typically it is the department of public safety issuing you a notice of revocation that will state what the revocation...