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Is there a plausible defense for killing your estranged spouse while intoxicated
A husband is home drinking and wife knows he is unstable to begin with, she goes to pick up some of her things with her young daughter knowing he is drunk. he follows her into the house and stabs her to death. Police arrive, he answers the door all bloody, while handcuffed outside and in the police car he asks if his wife is OK. She was pronounced dead at the scene. He is clearly intoxicated to the officers and can hardly even stand. He appears to be unaware of the severity of what he has done because he keeps asking if she is OK. Now, he is not a big man and his wife is not either, does he have any kind of defense that would render him not guilty to murder but guilty for a lesser charge? I am uncertain if he knew she was coming to get some of her things. Its a real tragic story (
would not recommend doing it. There are always defenses, the question is, will a jury buy it?
What to do if I was hit by a drunk driver and they have no insurance?
I was hit by a drunk driver head on a couple of nights ago. My truck is not totaled but it has at least $8,000 worth in damage. Come to find out she has no insurance. I nor did she receive any injuries, I believe I have some whiplash but I am going to the doctor today for it because the symptoms just started coming up (3 days later). What can I do, I am at a loss. I have uninsured motorist coverage, but I know the insurance company's best interest is not me. What can I do? If I do get a lawyer, what can they do? I am at a loss!
By law South Carolina requires all insurance companies to provide uninsured motorist coverage on every vehicle for this...
If I have a DUI charge in Augusta, GA, am I able to hire a lawyer in South Carolina to represent me?
I was arrested in Augusta, GA for DUI. I'm currently residing in Columbia, SC. Can I hire an attorney from Columbia to represent me?
Sure, as long as the attorney is licensed in both states.
Can a written dui 1st offense be changed
I was charged with dui 1st over the weekend, but I have already been found guily if a dui in 2010. will they change my charge to dui 2nd?
In all probability, yes. This will result in higher insurance rates; a longer suspension of your driver's license; a...
What penalties am I looking at for dui "1st"
I was pulled over this weekend for "swerving" I took the pen test, then when asked to take the steps and count I refused, I was read my rights and arrested! this was 4am sat morning, I see the judge at 2 pm sat she informs me that even tho the officer wrote it as dui 1st I was plead guilty to a dui in 2010, so I will not be released until Monday morning when I can get a scram monitor applied! I go see my lawyer today and my court date is Sept 21st I was just wondering if I'm facing any jail time other than this house arrest? thanks in advance
See S.C. Code Ann. 56-5-2930. You are looking at a fine, a record, a 6 month suspension of your licens, mandatory...
How can i be charged for dui on a moped when i was not on the moped state is south carolina
I took my moped to a private lake up on a hill other people were there 4th of july anyhow everyone left i thoight so i pushed moped down hill to the bottom and tripped and fell broke my ankel in 2 places there was a couple at bottom of hill i did not see they came and helped i sat on the grass for over an hour mind u i dont drink calling people to come help coild not get ahold of anyone so i called 911 the people that were there gave me 3 beers new i was in pain so i drank 2 while i waited the sherriff showed up befor ambulance never seen me drive i could not stand never felt engi e it was cold so i went to hospital 2 hours later a state trooper shows up wanti g a blood sample i said no charged me with dui the sherriff should have do e that but cant prove i was driving did not pull me over so got a summons for court never went to jail cant afford a attorney im going to be out of worl for atleast 10 weeks what should i do by the way im 41 and have never even had a speeding ticket
You can be charged with just about anything. It is up to the prosecution to prove all the relevant facts. You aren't...
I have a GA license but got a DUI in SC- my suspension lifted- is my GA license vaild again?
I have a GA license but got a DUI in SC. I have gone to court, and Met all of my SC state requirements and my suspension has been lifted. I also now reside in SC- but still have my Georgia license. As of now is my Georgia license valid to drive with? Or do I have to go back to the SC or GA DMV and re apply for my license?
If you now live in S.C., unless you have not stated the facts correctly, you need to get a S.C. license and turn the GA...