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St. Simons Island Crime

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  • Kirk finishes with eagle and the lead at Sea Island

    Thursday Nov 16 | via KTVN Reno 

    AP Exclusive: More than a dozen escapes have occurred over the past eight years at a Hawaii psychiatric hospital where a patient described as dangerous walked off the grounds and made it to California before he was... AP Exclusive: More than a dozen escapes have occurred over the past eight years at a Hawaii psychiatric hospital where a patient described as dangerous walked off the grounds and made it to California before he was captured this week. Actress Rose McGowan is scheduled to appear in a Virginia court to be arraigned on a felony charge of cocaine possession.


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  • Standoff suspect indicted for murder threats

    Oct 10, 2017 | via Brunswick News 

    A Glynn County grand jury indicted a man Oct. 4 who allegedly instigated a police standoff in September 2016 at his residence on Ryals Road in Brunswick. The Glynn County Police SWAT team was dispatched to the residence of 48-year-old Russell Lawrence Bailey following statements by a witness that he was armed and determined not to go to jail.


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St. Simons Island Law

My kids mother was picked up on probation violation ( when probation terms are altered) for a fingerprintable offence-felony
She was picked up on drug charges for writing fake scripts. She failed a drug test. They sent her to rehab. She was caught with a cell phone.
I only see a statement of facts - no question. However, I can tell you that you need to contact a local attorney
How to read a alcohol breath test
my nephew was stoped and charged with dui the dianostic on the test shows that he passesd.
If you're saying he blew under the legal limit of 0.08, that doesn't necessarily mean he won't be prosecuted for DUI....
How long can you be made to wait to go to court for a DUI?
For a misdemeanor criminal charge of DUI In Georgia. From the date of arrest until the court date for trial, is there a time limit of any type. When exactly does prosecution start? From arrest or arraignment? More specifically it took 2yrs and 2 months to go to court for a DUI and the disposition and date on file is not the actual date that I went to court but says 6 months earlier.
Your question will be dictated by Georgia law. If this were in Florida, I could tell you that a misdemeanor DUI was a...
Can I beat this DUI charge?
I was pulled over in Georgia about 10:30 pm an unknown vehicle threw a beverage threw my driver window that i believe contained alcohal this causes me to swerve and had a slight bump with another vehicle where are mirrors touched the other party didn't stop and another driver reported it. about 3 miles down the road they stopped me and said I was in a hit and run incident they said I smelled like alcohol I told them I had two beers before I left NC at 10 am and informed them of the other driver tossing a drink in my car they offered me a breathlizer test which I refused unknowing that in GA that's an automatic DUI or I would have blown on the spot. they found 1 empty 12 ounce can in my vehicle but nowhere in the paperwork did I state an open container charge. I asked to blow when I got to the station 20 minutes later they said no. No tests were offered after the roadside test about 2 hours after the arrest I was bailed out they didn't take my license I am 27 with a spotless records what are my chances of beating these charges?
you should speak with a qualified attorney who practices DUI law and provide that attorney with the full version of...
Which state should I plea my 2nd DUI charge
So I was charged with a DUI Thursday night in Glynn County. In the mean time I just agreed to a plea bargain, given lesser consequences, for a OVI that happened a year ago in ohio, but havent signed any papers due to being out of the state. So technically I have no DUIs on my record as of now. But I would like to know, in my best interest, which state to take my 1st offensive, resulting in where the lesser consequences would be for 2nd offense.
Do you have representation in either state? Without knowing information about either DUI or where your home state is...
If one has 2 DUIs in GA 10 yrs ago, has reinstated license & clean record ever since, the law would have him forever damned?!
said person has just earned his masters degree, is the father of 2 young children, AND happens to be my husband, but will never be able to support his family b/c he will be blacklisted for eternity for doing something stupid over a decade ago? Nothing to be done? Make a mistake & you may as well end your life. What a wonderful legal system we have put in place. Great job guys.
I agree that it's an unfortunate situation. Georgia doesn't allow pretrial diversion or first offender for DUI. Once...
About Dui Brunswick Ga
Hi I have got 6 dui's in Brunswick Ga an I go to Superior Court the 7th of Nov. I know im going to jail but if I go to court an plead not guilty will that put off the court date for awhile so I can atleast put a 2 week notice in with my job so ill be rehireable when I get out
If you are going to court for an arraignment, and it probably says what you are going to court for in the notice you...