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How bad am I in trouble
DWI plus driving a car without blow machine yep pipe and piss test they took pos for pot and drunk also at 730 ish am way to work
It certainly is not good. Exactly how bad depends on your history and what they found. You can help yourself by...
How can i tell if my Lawyer is doing his job on a dwi 1st time charge
I got my ticket in jefferson county missouri on Nov 23 2013. o had to the 7th of jan to file a thing with the court so i can drive it is been 2 months since he filed it with the county court he has the papper that said pending by it but still nothing why is it takeing so long to get a stay order on my dl. i looked on the case net here iin missouri and every case i seen filed on that day alreasdy has a stay order and i still dont have one what could be the problem i finally had to file a ldp form with missouri and i got it today. and it took me only 3 days from the tiime i filed it do i have a bad lawyer or what i dont know what to think about it
Simple: call your lawyer and ask questions until you understand what is going on and you are comfortable with his/her...
Can I enter CA with a BAC in 1997 in the US as a European Citizen, having lived in Europe the past 14 yrs. w/o any conviction?
I had a Excessive Blood Alcohol { Misdemeanor C ) in the US. In 1999, only offense ever!!! I am a European Citizen. I returned to Europe in 1999, have since obtained a new passport since the old one was expired. Can I enter Canada? Will they know about this conviction even though I have lived in Europe these past 14 years and never had any other conviction since? On a court site I found it says guilty under the menu oint 'charges', but 'FOUND NOT guilty BY TRIAL' under 'docket entries'.......which I don't understand? Can I enter CA or do I have to file a rehabilitation form?
A conviction for a DUI or DWAI in the US does not necessarily result in a lifetime ban from entering Canada. Depending...
My ex-husband is being charged with a DWI (.361 BAC) and 2 cnts of child endang... Can I get sole custody; they were in the car
We share physical custody and I have sole legal custody. He has a history of alcohol abuse and I need to be able to prevent this from happening again. I at least want him to have to be supervised during visitation. He drove them to a gas station, got a pint of vodka and drank it and drove them around. The report says he couldn't even say his name and he blew a .361. I am desperate to protect my 1 and 3 yr old from this happening again! What are my chances and can I also get the help of DFS? He won't cooperate with their safety plan because he said his lawyer told him not to.
You should contact a family law attorney to help you with a modification of the decree of dissolution. I would not...
DWI, possession of less than ten grams of marijuana and a pipe.
To be honest I had drank more than I thought i had. I did have a pipe, marijuana in my car plus, he gave me a ticket for not staying in my lane properly and charged me with DWI. I do smoke marijuana recreationly but, Ive never been in trouble with the law my entire life and im in my mid 30's. Never been to jail, just a few speeding tickets about five years ago. There was 4 tickets, including the dwi. I was absolutely terrified like i never have been before. They asked me where i was going and i was going to my friends mothers home to sleep since my father died and my mother has been having some mental issues and i felt i needed a good nights sleep to get back on track. My problem is that i was so stupid, terrified that i said i was heading to my boyfriends house. I just couldnt think at all and after my anxiety kicked in i just couldnt think. I know all this was stupid and i wish i could go back and change everything. everything else i said was true. If they found out i didnt tell the truth about who's home i was going to and i cant provide proof of that will i be arrested for perjury or any other issue stemming from that untruth? I did fully cooperate with all officers involved.
You need to consult a criminal defense attorney ASAP. You only have 15 days to file for an administrative hearing to...
I was wanting to know what all I have to do to get my license reinstated.
I received my 3rd dwis about 15 years ago. Pretty much got them all together in my early 20s. I completed all the necasary tasks that I was supposed to (drug court, fees, probation, stop). I was wondering now what all do i need to do to get my license reinstated. I do not own a car.
This is a reoccurring question which myself and others have commented on and answered many times, so you may wish to...
Can a prosecuting attorney jump from the traffic chapter of the Missouri statues,to the criminal to enhance a traffic tick
From 1992 till 1997 I was convicted of five D.W.I's, no accidents just pulled over or sleeping in car in bar parking lot, there was no major enhancement for DWI in the traffic chapter. So at sentencing they reached over to the criminal chapter an calling me a habitual offender enhanced my level of sentence to be able to sentence me to seven years in the state penitentiary in which I served 4 and a half years. With nothing in the traffic statues for this kind of penalty. How can they pick and choose from anywhere in the statues to do things like that. I thought if the punishment was not in the specific chapter they could not roam over all the chapters to find something the wanted to do. If they can do this then why don't they apply this to people who run stop signs and red lights more then four times? They kill more people in accidents then DWI drivers. (as per Highway Patrol study's.)
Statutes are harmonized together, the more specific controls the general perhaps your attorney can explain statutory...