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Dui 12 years ago, just got one on an ATV a few months back - what happens with license?
got on dui 12 years ago in a car. got one on an ATV a few months back. license hasn't been revoked yet - pleading guilty this month to dui. when will my license get revoked and for how long?
Contact a local DUI lawyer to see exactly what consequences you face including the license suspension and to see if any...
How do i expunge a Careless driving plea agreement from a DUI on my record, if they can be expunged from 2008?
04/2008 arrested for DUI in Ramsey county (st. paul, MN). Plead down to a careless driving as my blood draw came back 0.096 as pulled over for crossing a turning-lane line in unfamiliar territory & was my first & only offense. Does the arrest still show DUI and how do i expunge these from my record, if they can be expunged?
It's really unlikely you will be able to expunge an alcohol related driving offense. regardless of the BAC. This would...
I was charged with a DUI. Will my drivers license be revoked if I was not arrested?
I am 18 and was charged with a DUI and a minor. I was not pulled over. My car died in the middle of an intersection and a cop saw and came to help. He had asked if I had anything to drink, I was honest and said yes. I agreed to take a breathalyzer and I blew a .04. On my ticket it does not say what my blood alcohol content was though. Is there a reason why it does not say what my BAC was?
With a .04 test result, chances are that you were charged with Underage Drinking and Driving, not DUI. It's a...
Will the police do anything if I call about a habitually drunk driver?
My father-in-law (who is a prick and an alcoholic) has a problem with driving drunk. He's going to kill someone one of these days. I have pulled out vodka containers 1/4 full out of his Tahoe before after he just got home from work. He has smashed his SUV into the house and damaged both. He called the police on himself one time to go to detox and registered a .34 on a breathalizer. Problem is, he continues this habit of drinking and driving. Even a liquor store employee told him once "you shouldn't be driving when you're drunk". Question is, if I notify the local police (just up the road) about this, will they keep an eye on his vehicle and pull him over for any sort of infraction just to deter the behavior? Will they even do anything?
If you call in and provide your identity and specific information about a particular incident in progress then my guess...
MN : was called by Ramsey Cty probation about violations that showed up on my smart start. Implications for this?
Ignition interlock violations can potentially lead to additional time being required on the II program, and even to...
Going to court for dwi on atv - will i lose my car driving priv's also?
I was stopped on an ATV and receivied a violation for DUI. My implied consent urine resulted in .11. I have a careless driving - alcohol related - on my record from over 12 years ago. Since this dui was on an ATV am i facing losing my driving rights to a car also? there is conflicting information on-line.
My understanding is that your driver's license WILL be revoked if you are convicted of the DWI offense on the ATV,...
Is there any steps I need to be taking after just receiving a citation for dwi?
I've asked friends who have have dwi's and they find it odd I only received a citation. My citation says first offense 4th degree dwi. I swear the arresting officer said a prosecutor would call me. I haven't gotten anything in the mail regarding a court date. No urine or blood sample was taken, just a breathalyzer. I have a friend in a similar situation and she's waited months and no word. Difference is she blew a .08 and I blew a .15. The police officer did inform me that the law has changed to .15 or below now being a petty misdemeanor. I'm not sure if that requires a court date. I've called to see if I'm on the list for court and nothing. I'm really not sure what to do now. I got an open bottle charge at the time of incident so I figured a court appearance would be set. Ramsey County.
I would highly recommend you use the telephone and speak to an experienced DUI attorney in Ramsey County, MN. Use the...