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I have an expunged DUI, that was expunged in 2013. Will an expunged DUI show up on an FBI background check?
I unfortunately got a DUI in 2001 in my early 20s.. I got it expunged in 2013. I requested my background check from Ky, which is completely clear. Can the expunged DUI still show up however on an FBI background check? I didn't disclose it on my job application because the law here in KY read applicants don't have to disclose expunged records..I worry though it can still show on an FBI report? Thank you.
Consider doing a live scan on youself if you're curious on what is on you background check.
Can my license be suspended in Kentucky ,for a indiana dwi conviction. I have a cdl.
Already had one dui amended down to reckless driving in 2009, caught the second one april of 2012. 2012 has not been resolved as of yet. Trying to keep from Losing my license and lively hood. In need of some help.
You need to consult a local lawyer in your area right away. Go to the appropriate tab on AVVO.
If a warrant was issued by the judge whom I was due to see in court for a DUI fine payment extension.does warrant drop if paid
Does a warrant for a failure to appear for a DUI fine payment extension automatically drop as long as u pay the DUI fine in full payment? Or after I pay fine in full what's my next step to having and making sure my warrant is dropped for my FTA on a DUI fine payment
If you are in Jefferson District Court, and failed to appear and failed to pay the fines and costs on the show cause...
Any issues moving to OH after a DUI conviction in KY?
I received a DUI in 2013 in KY, and will be moving to OH in 2015. My license has been reinstated and I am not on probation. Will I have any legal issues moving to OH or getting a driver's license there? I know OH is an sr22 state.
As long as you are in compliance with whatever you need to do in KY and have and maintain SR22, you should ok as far as...
Do I need a lawyer to get my DUI expunged?
I have a DUI conviction that is 5+ years old and was told at the time of the conviction that I could possibly have it expunged after 5 years. A year ago, I was cited and charged for expired registration and driving with no insurance. I was convicted of not having an insurance card. I now want to try and get the DUI expunged from my record but do not know if the no insurance card would prevent me from that.
While it is not mandatory that you hire an attorney, it is advised that you hire one. There are many statutory factors...
I was in a wreck & arrested for DUI. I just found out my insurance won't cover due to a "breach of contract." What should I do?
Filed a claim with my insurance in April, right after the wreck. They said they would call if there were any problems. They never called. I received a call yesterday from someone representing the other person saying that I was being sued because my insurance didn't cover.
Are you a Kentucky resident? Do you have auto liability insurance issued in Kentucky? If so, your company cannot refuse...
If I caught a dui on felony parole and I'm not convicted of the dui yet can they revoke me still?
I only have nine months left on my sentence and I haven't been to court yet on the dui but I did report it to my p.o.
You need to hire a criminal defense attorney ASAP to defend the DUI case. The fact that you are charged is enough for...