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Can I get a DUI charge dropped if my urine test was negative for anything..
Took half ambien (.5 mil.) the night prior to incident. Got up got ready for work stopped at Panera to buy breakfast for the group I was training. Blacked out on the expressway.. wrecked my car.. woke up dazed and confused. They made me do a sobriety test and in my confusion I thought they were seeing if I was OK.. They called an ambulance for me, and ran test to see what happened at the hospital. My doctor is ordering more test because I had a recent episode while on jury duty prior to this incident. They still don't know what happened to me.. The Police officer told me I told a witness I took ambien before work, I do not recall even talking to anyone I was so dazed and confused. The police report says I failed the sobriety test miserably but my urine test showed nothing... I just passed out. Can I get this dropped? I have never been in trouble and I am 60 years old... this is freaking me out.
Delete this post and start talking to lawyers IMMEDIATELY.
Do I need to re-docket a case to get a new DUI program envelope from Shelby County Courts or can I call anyone?
I went to court about a year ago for a DUI. I was in jail for a month and went in front of Dutten in Shelby County, Ky District. I was given 20 hours of classes for the DUI and went to The Healing Place where the administrator changed it to 52 hours, did not know he could change a court order. I left and went to JADAC after a few months and was in the IOP from JADAC where the counselor told me the 3 hours each time, 3 days a week would count towards the classes from THP. Apparently he never contacted them to find out if they would count and now I am facing non-compliance as THP has sent Ky Alternative Program a letter saying I dropped out. I just want to start over with some classes that are NOT attached to any treatment center or rehab. Just want to get this over with. I've been screwed by these places and no one seems to know whats going on.
If you check with the district court clerk's office, I believe they will have a list of approved places to take your...
How do I read my driving record? CV? HM? CONV/ADM?
I plead guilty to a first offense dui, under aggravated circumstances. I was told at my hearing that my license would be suspended for 7 months. I acquired my driving record, as today I had my last adp class, and my instructor seemed under the impression I wouldn't have to wait that long. Now, on my driving record, it lists the offense (dui/first offense), the date of my arrest, and then moves on to columns labeled "CV" and "HM". In both of these columns, they list "N". This shows having caused 0 points on my record. It also lists under the dui offense and the license suspension order, a date under "conv/adm date", and both have expiration dates, a month after the original date. I'm just looking for some clarification on what all of that means. It's been three months since my first court date. The expiration dates are two months prior. I'm so confused!
I cannot help you with how to read the driving transcript. However, if you were sentenced by the court to a seven...
Tricky situation with a past DUI and an SR-22 filing. Please help!
Hello! Years ago, I recieved a DUI with a California license, while I was a resident in the state of Kentucky in the state of Kentucky. After I fulfilled all of my requirements, I was told that I was on probation for 3 years to California even though I don't live there, and that I had to have an SR22. I found a non-owners SR22 for $30 dollars a month and had that for about a a year and a half. Then all of a sudden the policy changed to $200 dollars a month and I was out of the country so I couldn't afford it. So I had to cancel my insurance and my license is suspended again. I will have to get a new SR22 going again when I get home and working. My question is, will my 3 month probation period start all over again or will it still be only 3 months from original conviction? I'm just hoping I didn't waste a year and a half of SR22 payments for nothing. I'm really just wanting to be free from California and move on with my life. I just don't know how else I could have handled it. Is there any alternative to find an SR22 that isn't over 200/months. That's just too steep for me to handle as I'm just a waiter. Thank you for any help!
Unless there are extenuating circumstances, an SR-22 must be continually maintained. Shop around - rates can differ...
See above
I have a friend that moved to ky from nc. He has a suspended liscence for driving without a license and they reinstated a dui. Can anyone help him get a license here so he can work and take care of his family ?
Short answer, No. Kentucky will not issue a new license until his NC issues are cleared up and he's reinstated in NC....
What is the normal cost for an attorney to represent me through trial in Jefferson County Kentucky?
I was arrested and charged with a DUI.
Unfortunately there is no normal cost. Fees will range from attorney to attorney and are based on numerous factors...
DUI Bond Revocation
I posted a cash bond for a friend of mine who had got her 3rd DUI in 5 years with aggravating circumstances (.24 BAC and ran into the back of another vehicle, no injuries). Her case was extended and while out she left Louisville to go back home in Madison County and was arrested for alcohol intoxication in public and released on her own in less than 24 hours. Will this cause the bond to be revoked and will I lose the cash I put up? Does the fact it happened in another county make any difference to whether the court will know about it at her next court appearance in a few weeks? Finally, is there any way possible that I can have the bond revoked myself and get the cash back before it's lost? Thank you for any replies.
It will be most likely the case about the bond as one of the condition was probably remain law abiding. The cash will...