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Could an Orlando victim beat a Dui case?
If there was a shooting at a social club/bar and the victim drove a vehicle I fear of death. Gets into a car accident and later gets charged with Dui. Could this case get dismissed and what steps to make?
It's called defense of necessity As long as crime they were avoiding is greater than the crime committed, it is a...
Violation of probation from DUI
Hello all. My husband got his first DUI charge in 2012. He went to his classes, they put him on probation and put an interlock machine in his car for 6 months. One day - at almost the end of his 6 month period - he had a cocktail at lunch around 1pm with the company, his shift was over at midnight, but the machine still read it as a violation. I'm no even sure what ensued after that because he turned the interlock machine in, but since he blew dirty that one time, it was considered a violation of probation. He's had an open warrant out since march of 2013. He retained a lawyer and has a court date on Monday. Will he have to do time - a day, a week, a month - considering the original charge was DUI and he violated probation and this is a warrant that's been open for 3 years...??? I'm nervous about his court date...just wanting to get some advice on some of the possibilities to expect. He does have priors but that was over 20 years ago when he was in his late teens, early 20s. Thank you!
You have good reason to be nervous, but can't accurately predict any potential jail time at this point as it depends on...
What happen if I didn't finish all my community service for DUI but I did all my classes.
I was charged with DUI Identity Guard classes I did everything just have like 40 hours left of community service didn't finish them what happened to me
Your probation will be violated and you will go to jail. You need to go see a criminal defense lawyer.
How do I get my license back after a DUI conviction?
I was arrested for a DUI (over 0.15), and completed all of my conditions of probation. I was arrested while driving a friend's vehicle - I don't own one. I was court ordered to get an Ignition Interlock device installed in my vehicle. I have saved up enough money for a down payment (already approved financing), get the appropriate insurance coverage, get the Interlock device installed, and pay all fines to get my license reinstated. Here's the problem, and I no one seems to be able to help. I'm stuck in a perpetual loop of insanity, and it's aggravating as all get out. I cannot purchase a vehicle or insurance without a valid driver's license. However, I cannot get a valid driver's license until I show proof of the SR-22 insurance coverage and proof of the Interlock installation. I can't get one without the other, or the other without the one. I go to the dealership and they tell me I can't get a car without a valid driver's license. My insurance company won't even cover me if my license isn't valid. But I can't get my driver's license reinstated until I have those two. I'm out of ideas. Can an attorney help with this at all?
As crazy as it sounds, one way around this problem is to use a friend's vehicle to get your license and then once you...
How to get touch with 4 out of state old DUI,s
I have 13 DUI,s in my past would like to get licence
I'm not sure I understand your question here. Do you have 13 DUIs or 4 DUIs? In the state of Florida, there is a...
Can I receive a driver's license after completing a sentence for DUI Manslaughter in Florida?
I am currently completing a 10 year prison sentence at a work release facilty in Florida. I am being told that I cannot receive a driver's license until 5 year after my release. I am immediately moving back to the state I am from (Michigan) to finish off my probation there. Will different state have different rules regarding obtaining a driver's license? Michigan does not give hardship license so even if I get that in Florida after 5 years it wont help me in Michigan? Right? Plus if I am living in another state how am I supposed to go through dui monitoring and testing from Michigan? Any help will be appreciated!
You need to arrange for the move back to Michigan before you get released, through the interstate compact for transfer...
Is DUI Dismissal equivalent to non-guilt?
So I took a breath test and it was over the limit (allegedly). My DUI case was Dismissed because of expiration of speedy trial date (yes I filed the motion for discharge and won, state didn't appeal it). Question: 1. Is this considered a dismissal with prejudice and therefore it's equivalent to "Not Guilty"? 2. Can I now get my License suspension invalidated pursuant to f s. 322.2615(16)? 3. Judge did not write or send me anything. How do I get a written order from the judge so I can show it as proof? Thank you very much for any input
The good news is your case is gone forever. It is dismissed with prejudice. However, a dismissal is not a verdict of...