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  • St. Landry deputy traffic stop leads to a drug arrest.

    Wednesday Apr 27 | via KATC-TV Lafayette 

    Sheriff Bobby J. Guidroz stated, "On April 26, 2016, at 2324 hours, St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Office Highway Interdiction Team stopped a 2014 Chevrolet Cruze for a traffic violation. Narcotic detectives identified the driver as Jason Ray Sibley of 30050 Lower Rome Road Springfield, Louisiana.


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  • Crime Stoppers tips lead to arrests of two St. Landr...

    Tuesday Apr 26 | via The Advocate 

    Crime Stoppers tips lead to arrests of two St. Landry residents; one is accused of stealing from youth baseball program Crime Stoppers tips led to the arrests on Monday of two St. Landry Parish residents, one of whom is accused of stealing money from a youth baseball program and the other accused of cashing a fraudulent check for almost $3,000, St. Landry Parish Sheriff Bobby Guidroz said Tuesday. Authorities received numerous tips and soon arrested Jason Arlen Deville, 732 Patty St. in Opelousas, and Samantha L. Kemp, 390 JW Deshotel Rd. in Washington, after releasing their photos and information on a most-wanted list posted to Facebook, Guidroz said in a news release.


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  • Detectives arrest two of St. Landry Parisha s most w...

    Tuesday Apr 26 | via KLFY-TV Lafayette 

    Major Eddie Thibodeaux said tipsters began calling in eight minutes after the suspects' names and photos were posted on social media. Deville was arrested and booked on felony theft charges after allegedly scamming parents out of $1,360 in January while "serving as an upcoming volunteer summer baseball coach," according to Thibodeaux.


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  • The Investigators: Judge uses his courtroom to indir...

    Thursday Apr 21 | via KPLC-TV Lake Charles 

    Judge James Best would not answer questions in person or return calls. Instead, he used his courtroom on Thursday to answer all the questions.


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  • St. Landry Crime Stoppers for April 20, 2016

    Wednesday Apr 20 | via KATC-TV Lafayette 

    St. Landry Crime Stoppers and Detective Robert Brickley of the Eunice Police Department need your help locating the suspect involved in a shooting at the 412 Studio Barber Shop. On December 29, 2015 at 6:27p.m., an unknown suspect entered the barber shop and attempted to commit an armed robbery.


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  • The Investigators: Did the law fail a woman who died...

    Monday Apr 11 | via WIS-TV Columbia 

    Has the law failed a woman who called police for help and told her friends about her husband's repeated abuse, and is now dead? A special law, Gwen's Law, passed a few years ago to protect victims like her, but does that law need to be re-examined? Just like everyday, Luneau waits for her husband to get home from work and then the two walk down the secluded road at Veazie Road and Rosco Baham Road to a bayou in St. Landry Parish. That routine walk three weeks ago on March 21 was anything but when the couple thought they found a dummie in the drift pile.


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  • Appeals court reverses ruling in murder case

    Tuesday Apr 5 | via KATC-TV Lafayette 

    The Third Circuit Court of Appeal reversed a St. Landry judge's ruling in the case of Robert Lee Heard Jr., who is accused of first-degree murder in his wife's 2012 slaying. The Court rejected a trial court's ruling that the first-degree murder indictment of Heard be thrown out because it was not legally proper; the Court decided that the judge wasn't correct in his ruling because he granted a defense motion based on arguments the defense did not make in its motion.


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St. Landry Law

You need to see an attorney with experience at handliing multiple offense DWI's. This could be a third offense or...
How do you get charged with 2 3rd offense DUI's? What exactly does reinstating original bond mean and how do I get him released?
I have a friend that was arrested on 04/19/2016. He has 2 charges that are exactly the same, each with a $20,000 bond. In June 2014, he was arrested and convicted of 2 DUI offenses. On 02/28/2015, he was charged with 3rd offense DUI. I can't find anything showing him being arrested on that charge. On 09/26/2015, he was arrested and charged with 3rd offense DUI. On 01/07/2016, court documents reflect him being in DWI Court. On 04/19/2016, court documents reflect that "the Court vacates the judicial release, reinstates the defendant's original bond and orders the defendant taken into custody."
This is not something an online attorney can help you with. You need to hire an attorney.
How can they change dwi 1st I got 5-24-15 to dwi 3.haven't had one since 1-04.and dept motor vehicles says it's 1st again
I got a dwi may 15 2015. First charged with 1st offense. Then they changed it to a 3rd offense.hadn't had one since Jan 2004. How could this be
Can't tell you that without looking at your specific record. Sounds like this is a very serious case. Contact a local...
Is it legal to get arrested for leaving the scene, when the person is in fear? And DWI for drinking after she got home?
My sister Dropped me off at home and on her way home(which is less than 1mile from my house), Decided to go thru fast food, for a late nite snack!(fast-food place is 1/2mile from her house), while in the drive-thru(the exact time was 10:20pm,,,,when then people in the car in front of her jumped out yelling that she had ran into them! she immediately felt trapped and threatened, she searched for her cell and could not find it! (I had grabbed her cell, by accident, when I got out of her car) scared&frantically looking for her cell, she panicked when the driver of the other vehicle tried to open her drivers door, she put her car in reverse, then drove immediately back to my house. But I was on my way to give her cell back. She was convinced that the people in the other car was trying to harm her and she was alone with no phone! She then drove to her house&thankfully seen me. She started try'n to explain what happened,but was so upset I couldn't make sense of what she was saying. So I told her to take one of her prescribed anxiety pills (Xanax) with acouple glasses of wine. While telling me what happened, the police knocked at the door. They arrested her with leav'n scene & DWI.
You have a long story here. Yes, the charges can be brought. She needs to hire a private criminal defense attorney to...
How do I go about taking care of this dwi fta?
I got a dwi in Louisiana 13 yrs ago and have a fta. I was in the military at the time and moved shortly after. Thinking it would go away, I did nothing about it. now I'm older and ready to take care of this.
Find a criminal defense attorney that practices where you were arrested. Some states purge old warrants that haven't...
What do I do to request Article 894? Where do I even go or do I call?
I got my first DWI in West Monroe, Louisiana. I have never been in trouble. I'm currently applying for Law School and taking my BAR in July. I do not want anything on my record. I know my court is set in the city court. I do not know if Article 894 is something I need to go to the DA for and request now before I got to trial or if I should try to get a private lawyer in on it. Since I'm in college and not holding a fulltime job, I just want to be able to put this behind me and still have my future. I am not sure if I ask for a stay at my arraignment or plead guilty or ask can I have a 894.
Before making any decisions you should speak with a DWI/DUI attorney in your area. You can find some here on AVVO by...
How do I clear up a DUI warrant in another state?
In 2010, I was arrested for a first time DUI in Louisiana. I am a Texas resident and at the time was living close to the border, so I was able to go to Louisiana to attend to pre-trial diversion requirements. Before the program was completed, I became homeless and had no choice but to move further west in Texas to live with my mother, and the case has now turned into a warrant. Cut to present day, I have cleaned up my life, have a fantastic professional career, and my new job will require international travel. My first trip is in about 4-5 months. I can now afford a good attorney. I have contacted the dept of state and I can obtain my passport, but I am concerned about returning to the US and being arrested. Granted, I'll be returning in Texas and not LA, it's certainly possible that I will be arrested upon return at the airport when they scan my passport. What can I do in the mean time from Texas to clear this up? Can I pay fines from Texas to drop the warrant and possibly the charges? Can anyone recommend a good attorney in Lake Charles?
We are not allowed to recommend other attorneys in this forum. You will need to get an attorney there, just to find out...