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Can I still drive my car after being booked for a DUI?
I was coming home after having a good time with friends, I thought I was fine, feeling good. I am pulled over and arrested for DUI... I am in school, working and taking care of my 2 kids.. Am I still able to drive my car to school and work?
If you were issued a Notice of Summary Suspension, your license will likely be suspended 46 days after your arrest....
Am I eligible for expungement or do I have to get my case sealed (1st time DUI)?
In 2015, I was charged with 01 Count 001 DRVG UNDER INFLU OF ALCOHOL in Champaign County. I received a disposition of withheld judgement/ court supervision. This was my first and only DUI offense. I have no other traffic violations and no criminal record. Am I eligible to get my record expunged or am I only eligible to have it sealed?
Neither. Unless you're outright acquitted, DUI is in its own little category. The reasoning for this is, in my...
Do I need representation for a DL hearing?
I got a dui 3 years ago and I am no longer on probation and have completed all required counseling courses.
That's completely up to you. An attorney can file paperwork on your behalf and help present evidence/witnesses at the...
What does "allotment this date vacated" mean in a DUI?
In a DUI case, this is from the sentencing on 4/11/17: "Defendant is ordered to serve a period of incarceration of 60 days in the xxxxx County Correctional Center. Cause continued for status of compliance with electronic home detention in xxxxx County to April 20, 2017." The case was updated on April 20 with: "Representation that the defendant has complied with electronic home detention. By agreement of the parties, allotment this date vacated." What does "allotment this date vacated" mean?
In this context hard to know. Check with the court clerk or your lawyer
Will this 2nd dui count against my cdl, if on my first i got court supervision if i am not convicted of it?
had a dui 3 years ago. red river court supervision in result. did my time n moved on. but recently just got arrested for another. they never made me blow just arrested me upon the field sobriety tests, which i didn't fail stumbling down or losing balance or anything like that, i only didn't walk a complete straight line and dropped my foot twice balancing on one foot. i did refuse to blow at the jail though. if i am not convicted of this 2nd dui. will i still lose my CDL license for life or will it just be the manadatory three years for refusing to blow?
A CDL is a precious honor to hold. For that reason, any offense committed imperils it. You must get a lawyer asap....
I had a DUI and driving on suspended license in 2013 and just received a driving on revoked license is it a felony
I was not drinking this time and no one was hurt during my dui
If the first driving suspended was a) a conviction and b) due to a statutory summary suspension, Champaign Coubty will...
Will I automatically go to prison for a 3rd dui offense
It's my 3rd dui offense in 30 yrs. Was stopped for pausing at a stop light
While you do not indicate what happened on the 2 prior DUIs - assuming they resulted in a supervision on the first...