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My friend got his probation transferred to Illinois from Wisconsin and was making monthly check ins over the phone to a machine,he lost his pin # and Has tried for months to contact a person to retrieve the pin and have sat on hold from 40min to over an hour he got through once and had to leave a message, which no one ever responded to his calls. During that time he got a job in a different city (in Illinois) and has been staying in hotels doing construction,so a agent came to his house and his family member said he'd. Been staying in. ....... so he left a card, my friend called and the agent said he'd be reporting this to Wisconsin because he was not authorized to change his residence, ,any input would be appreciated
Not reporting is actually quite serious because it is the most basic requirement of probation. With that said it does...
In 2001 when I was a student at the U of I, I recieved a ticket for driving my motorcycle without insurance. I got insurance and went and showed it to the court and paid the fine. A few months later, I same day I bought another motorcycle I got pulled over for an expires sticker. He let me go and then after I parked the motorcycle he came back and told me that I was driving with a suspended lisence. I explained what previously happened and went back to court with an attorney from the student legal services who said just plead guiltly. I am an international student from Egypt and did not know any better so I pleaded guilty. Now I am a doctor and I want to apply for my practice lisence and I want to know if I can petition this misdemeanor especially because I did not even know it was suspend
Hire a lawyer for Legal Advice. Use the Find a Lawyer tool here on Avvo for the purpose of hiring a top rated (10)...
Is there any way my court fines can be waived so that I will be able to get my license reinstated?
Not a chance in Champaign County. They probably won't even let you make a payment plan if yo are beyond the payment...
My license has been suspended for 3 years for my second DUI. I am eligible for rienstatement this May, but am planning to move to Texas. If I get denied here in Illinois, can I get my license in Texas when I move or do I have to have it reinstated in Illinois first?
If you are denied in IL, is unlikely TX will approve your license application.
I received my police report and the report states "I conducted a traffic stop on a suspicious vehicle." It also states that there was no observation of any traffic violations. I was pulled over for changing speeds and drifting within my own lane of traffic. Is this enough for reasonable suspicion or does the officer have to state in his report what he was suspicious of? There is not one reference of suspicion of driving while impaired all the way up to the stop.
Changing speeds and drifting within your lane will almost always be upheld as the basis for a traffic stop. You see,...
I had 1 drink at home and then went somewhere with some friends. Police ended up showing up, and I was given an underage drinking ticket for consuming alcohol at that location. Even though I told the officer I had not been drinking at the party. When I show up to court can that drink I had at home get me convicted? My mother told me to just say I don't recall when it is brought up.
Assuming you are under the age of 21 and further assuming you were not consuming the alcohol as part of a religious...
In 2008 i got a dui. I was given the public defender. I saw him one time, 2 days before court date (this would be 2nd appearance). He told me he would plead me not guilty and start on a plea deal for me. He told me i did not have to be in court that day as he would take care of it. Didn't go, warrant was issued. Turned myself in, bonded out, got another date. At this point, lawyer would not return phone calls. Moved away, and missed the next date too, warrant was quashed because i called and said i wouldn't make it. That was 2010, and i still don't have a court date. I know i don't have a warrant because i was checked recently during background check for firearm purchase. Is there a time limit? Should my case be dismissed? Didn't call them about it, hoping time would run out. Will it?
You really need to have a lawyer who practices in the county where your DUI took place do some digging. It may be...