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I am getting denied rideshare jobs due to my background checks not coming up clean.
My record comes up with "failed alcohol test". I got a diversion for this DUI and when I spoke to the DMV about these records, they told me that they are "administrative notes". I spent alot of money and went to class so that I would not have these on my record! What can I do to have the administrative notes removed?
You should consult with a DUI attorney in your area. Typically, DUIs involve two agencies, the courts and DMV, and they...
I'm involved in a criminal case , l asked my lawyer for a copy of my file and he refused to give it to me why would he do that
it's a dui case involving legally prescribed medication, had a minor accident due to inattentiveness and hit my head on the steering wheel causing some confusion, was never asked if l ingested the medication, was not arrested, had no idea that they were accusing me of a crime
Have you asked your attorney? Because you are represented, it's not appropriate for a lawyer here to comment on what...
If I consumed 3 beers 36 hours ago , will it show up in a urine test ?
Do not have a po , but am attending DUI classes as a first offender
On average people rid themselves of alcohol at the rate of .015 to .020 per hour. It would be long out of your system....
I accepted a plea for the DUI FOP/FOE program in April. I have the IID now and have a big concern.
I have not had one drop of alcohol since the date of my initial arrest. I took all of my classes prior to going to court. I have paid all fines etc. Yesterday morning I went out to the car to go to work and I blew into the IID and it failed. I thought it was a mistake and tried twice more before it locked me out. My father took me to work. I realized that I had gargled and rinsed with listerine. This morning I took the care to the place that installed the unit and had the unit serviced as the unit was blinking. The guy conformed listerine can cause a false positive. I have no idea what possible consequences I face and I'm scared as there is no way to prove my innocence. Can you please help me understand what may happen?
I am not licensed in Delaware, so out of respected to any experienced attorney licensed in Delaware who answers this...
Delaware ignition Interlock test fail
I accepted a plea of FOP/FOE in April, I had already taken all my classes, I paid my fine the day of court. I had my IID installed on my car. I have not had one drink of alcohol since my arrest date. Friday am I tried to blow and failed, I could not understand why I tried twice more and the unit went into service and lockout. My dad took me to work, we realized it must have been the listerine I used that morning. I took unit in Saturday for service and the man confirmed that this could have produced a false positive. I am scared because I have no way to prove I was not attempting to drive with alcohol in my system. Will the result of this one test be sent to the court? I know DMV gets them and 3 create longer time with IID. What are the possible consequences for one fail?
I am not licensed in Delaware, so out of respected to any experienced attorney licensed in Delaware who answers this...
Is there any legal reason why a lawyer wouldn't be able to give you a copy of your file
no details
Probably not. Do you owe the lawyer money?
I made a report to police while i was totally drunk how do i report now that i am sober
A person already has a warrant for his arrest but its due my report being drunk
I would just call up the same phone number and ask to clarify your report. There is no law against being drunk, unless...