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Will I be able to make a plea bargain to reckless driving, or something else to keep my driving privileges?
Dui on new year's eve after a couple drinks and prescribed Ambien, first offense. Can't remember leaving home, had no intentions of doing so.
First, never make admissions on a public site. Second, your best bet would to be hiring an attorney that handles DUI...
How long will my delaware driving privileges be suspended for after completing required alcohol course and paying and fines.
I got a dui on november 22, 2012 in Delaware, but I have a Pennsylvania drivers license. I got found guilty of dui august 3,2015 under first offenders program. I have level 1 non reporting probation and I have just finished the drug and alcohol course.
Your Delaware driving privileges will be reinstated upon completion of the classes and payment of all fines and costs....
I was wondering if I could plead no contest instead of guilty at arraignment in hopes of getting a reckless driving instead?
First time dui, blew a.113 I have an arraignment coming up for this case. I was wondering if I could plead no contest in hopes of getting a reckless driving instead of a dui? Followed all protocols of police. Have never been in trouble with the law. Work for the state.
For purposes of arraignment, you should plead not guilty. They will then give you a date for case review. Then you...
First time dui, blew .113. Need a license to get back and fourth to work. Is this possible in DE?
Never been in trouble with the law. Work for the state.
If you get offered the first offenders' program and opt for the ignition interlock device, you could actually not miss...
Need a Delaware I'd. But have an out of state suspension.
Wondering if I would be able to get a Delaware id (NOT A DRIVERS LICENSE) with an out of state suspension.
Yes, you would probably be able to get an ID with a suspension from out of state. Call and ask.
Delaware DUI. FOP conviction or is this a PBJ
How is the FOP not a conviction legally but still on driving record? I understand that if one were to be arrested a. Second time this FOP is automatically converted to a first offense however it is contradictory in nature that you do not have to answer yes to being convicted of a crime however a driving record indicates you do in fact have a DUI. Employers look at this like you lied about being convicted of a crime
The driving record says FOE: first offender's election. It does not say DUI. Presuming you completed the program,...
Need free dui lawyer.
I've had cervical cancer for a long time now. I've been under anesthesia over 17 times and keep missing court dates. I'm not healthy enough to hold a job. I am a surgical nurse. Not on disability. I have no money and can't pay any of the fees to even start getting My licences back. Let alone go to the classes required to get it back. I'm 36 and this is my only arrest. I am now on chronic pain meds a d just really need so.e legal advice on what to do. All the dmv and courts give me no answers. Only rudeness.
This is not a medical malpractice case so I have moved your category to DUI. Good luck.