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If I consumed 3 beers 36 hours ago , will it show up in a urine test ?
Do not have a po , but am attending DUI classes as a first offender
On average people rid themselves of alcohol at the rate of .015 to .020 per hour. It would be long out of your system....
I accepted a plea for the DUI FOP/FOE program in April. I have the IID now and have a big concern.
I have not had one drop of alcohol since the date of my initial arrest. I took all of my classes prior to going to court. I have paid all fines etc. Yesterday morning I went out to the car to go to work and I blew into the IID and it failed. I thought it was a mistake and tried twice more before it locked me out. My father took me to work. I realized that I had gargled and rinsed with listerine. This morning I took the care to the place that installed the unit and had the unit serviced as the unit was blinking. The guy conformed listerine can cause a false positive. I have no idea what possible consequences I face and I'm scared as there is no way to prove my innocence. Can you please help me understand what may happen?
I am not licensed in Delaware, so out of respected to any experienced attorney licensed in Delaware who answers this...
Delaware ignition Interlock test fail
I accepted a plea of FOP/FOE in April, I had already taken all my classes, I paid my fine the day of court. I had my IID installed on my car. I have not had one drink of alcohol since my arrest date. Friday am I tried to blow and failed, I could not understand why I tried twice more and the unit went into service and lockout. My dad took me to work, we realized it must have been the listerine I used that morning. I took unit in Saturday for service and the man confirmed that this could have produced a false positive. I am scared because I have no way to prove I was not attempting to drive with alcohol in my system. Will the result of this one test be sent to the court? I know DMV gets them and 3 create longer time with IID. What are the possible consequences for one fail?
I am not licensed in Delaware, so out of respected to any experienced attorney licensed in Delaware who answers this...
I made a report to police while i was totally drunk how do i report now that i am sober
A person already has a warrant for his arrest but its due my report being drunk
I would just call up the same phone number and ask to clarify your report. There is no law against being drunk, unless...
I was drunk last night i called the cops on my boyfriend domestic related, I want to drop the charges. Can I get in trouble??
We resolved our problems, am I able to b charged with filing a false police report???
Since you filed one you can be liable for its lack of veracity and the People are within their rights to pursue the...
On a 2 year PBJ for a DWI in Maryland, have a license renewal coming up in my state of residence Delaware. Possible outcome ?
I am on a 2 year PBJ for a DWI in Maryland that will end in Oct. 2015. I have a license renewal coming up in my state of residence (Delaware) in June. MVA had also suspended my license in Maryland for 4 months as part of same DWI case, but that suspension over now. I recently requested my Driving Record from NDR, it did not have anything on it. My concern is , if I go to renew my license in DE now, can the ongoing PBJ or past MVA license suspension in Maryland, cause any difficulties ??
PBJ's and First Offender programs are not considered adjudications or convictions, so there is no reciprocity with...
A Del licensee gets a dui charge in pa. Will he be suspended in DE if he accepts ARD in Pa? What if he refused the breathalyzer
A Pennsylvania ARD does not get reported to other states, including Delaware, via the Interstate Compact, because it is...