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First time dui, blew .113. Need a license to get back and fourth to work. Is this possible in DE?
Never been in trouble with the law. Work for the state.
If you get offered the first offenders' program and opt for the ignition interlock device, you could actually not miss...
Delaware DUI. FOP conviction or is this a PBJ
How is the FOP not a conviction legally but still on driving record? I understand that if one were to be arrested a. Second time this FOP is automatically converted to a first offense however it is contradictory in nature that you do not have to answer yes to being convicted of a crime however a driving record indicates you do in fact have a DUI. Employers look at this like you lied about being convicted of a crime
The driving record says FOE: first offender's election. It does not say DUI. Presuming you completed the program,...
Need free dui lawyer.
I've had cervical cancer for a long time now. I've been under anesthesia over 17 times and keep missing court dates. I'm not healthy enough to hold a job. I am a surgical nurse. Not on disability. I have no money and can't pay any of the fees to even start getting My licences back. Let alone go to the classes required to get it back. I'm 36 and this is my only arrest. I am now on chronic pain meds a d just really need so.e legal advice on what to do. All the dmv and courts give me no answers. Only rudeness.
This is not a medical malpractice case so I have moved your category to DUI. Good luck.
I am getting denied rideshare jobs due to my background checks not coming up clean.
My record comes up with "failed alcohol test". I got a diversion for this DUI and when I spoke to the DMV about these records, they told me that they are "administrative notes". I spent alot of money and went to class so that I would not have these on my record! What can I do to have the administrative notes removed?
You should consult with a DUI attorney in your area. Typically, DUIs involve two agencies, the courts and DMV, and they...
I'm involved in a criminal case , l asked my lawyer for a copy of my file and he refused to give it to me why would he do that
it's a dui case involving legally prescribed medication, had a minor accident due to inattentiveness and hit my head on the steering wheel causing some confusion, was never asked if l ingested the medication, was not arrested, had no idea that they were accusing me of a crime
Have you asked your attorney? Because you are represented, it's not appropriate for a lawyer here to comment on what...
If I consumed 3 beers 36 hours ago , will it show up in a urine test ?
Do not have a po , but am attending DUI classes as a first offender
On average people rid themselves of alcohol at the rate of .015 to .020 per hour. It would be long out of your system....
I accepted a plea for the DUI FOP/FOE program in April. I have the IID now and have a big concern.
I have not had one drop of alcohol since the date of my initial arrest. I took all of my classes prior to going to court. I have paid all fines etc. Yesterday morning I went out to the car to go to work and I blew into the IID and it failed. I thought it was a mistake and tried twice more before it locked me out. My father took me to work. I realized that I had gargled and rinsed with listerine. This morning I took the care to the place that installed the unit and had the unit serviced as the unit was blinking. The guy conformed listerine can cause a false positive. I have no idea what possible consequences I face and I'm scared as there is no way to prove my innocence. Can you please help me understand what may happen?
I am not licensed in Delaware, so out of respected to any experienced attorney licensed in Delaware who answers this...