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I thought my reg insurance covered me and I had 14 days to get insurance. it was a army 5 ton cargo truck I bought for my personal use. I had a glass pipe in my pocket the took a urine test and had meth in my system. they in pounded the truck. They wont release the truck with no insurance and said I need a cdl to drive it. no one will insure it . I got a dwi. I know I don't need a cdl to drive it. I think they are just trying to not release it so they can keep it. what do I do. I live 390 miles from where I got assrested. what do I do
Get a lawyer ASAP in that jurisdiction.
What should I plea for my second offense with an ongoing case?
I currently have a case for improper backing and never having obtained a license, I went into court and asked for a plea in abeyance and I have a set pre-trial hearing. I was driving again and received another citation for never having obtained a license. What should I do?
You need an attorney with experience in fighting these kinds of cases. Do not drive until you have spoken with him/her...
I live in UT. I moved here 2 years ago from CA. Is it ok to move back to CA once approved DACA and get everything setup there?
I want to apply for ss#, drivers licence , work, and go to community college over in California. Is it Ok to do this once Im approved? Im waiting approval for Deferred Action.
Congratulations on applying for Deferred Action. Once you have your approval in hand, you will be able to travel a bit...
Will my Illinois License be suspended or revoked for a Pot DUI charge in Utah?
I'm an Illinois resident that had 2 prior alcohol DUI charges in Illinois 7 & 8 years ago.
Probably not. Utah would have to report it as having occurred in a motor vehicle.
Can a misdemeanor A be reduced to a B in Utah 16 yrs ago
I am trying to go back to school but they wont let me in the program because of a misdeanor A chg 16 yrs ago. I dont think its fair I have passed 4 background chks and this has never been an issue
It depends on the charge. Most charges are reducible one step. It is often referred to as a 402 reduction named after...
Serve in a different state
if a person was covicted of DUI and shoplifting in St George UT, but are now in San Diego, CA, can they complete their sentence/community service in California? They are homeless, and have small children (under 3) they lack the income to make the trip much less lodging.
You can generally serve your sentence in another state, however, usually, the new state has to approve of it ahead of...
License suspension hearing no blood test results.
I went to my DLD suspension hearing in and they did not have my blood test results back. I also had taken one of the field sobriety tests before I refused to take any more. Without any concrete evidence such as my BAC, will they still suspend my license?
As I understand your question it sounds like the hearing is adjourned in order for the BAC results to be completed. So,...