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After three court ordered psych evaluations (which two out of three were in his favor) they want a 4th. Is there a limit?
Simple DUI where he blew clean three times. Lawyer "withdrew" from case and now we have a Public Defender who says we have to have another Psych eval. Is this true or are the three previous enough?
If your public defender is telling you to comply then you should comply.
Can the DMV reopen a Case 8 years later if the case was closed due to an acquittal and all charges were closed and dismissed?
I was pulled over for a DUI in 2006 in Brevard County went to court complied with DMV and I was acquitted of the DUI. 8 years later I am pulled over to find I have a suspended license for failure to complete a substance abuse treatment class. My license was suspended in February of 2014. After my case was completely closed I was told I was clean and clear of all charges and could go about my life. Here I am 8 years later getting married in two weeks and I find this out. I've renewed my License twice since then and been driving with no issues since my acquittal in 2007. There has to be some kind of statue of limitations for this kind of situation. Please let me know.
The short answer is "yes, the DMV can do it." You must complete the requirements or show that yiu did. The...
Must I have a interlock installed, not court ordered. 2nd, d.u.i. outside of 5yrs. Nothing on court paperwork .
I attended a 3 day d.u.i. school and the counselor said if not court ordered, I need not have it, due to an excepton to the law. A friend of mine had a interlock installed, and before it was installed, he was asked to show the court paperwork stating he had to have it.
If it isn't on your paperwork, you aren't required to have it installed. You can always verify with the DMV or the...
Must i have a interlock device installed, it was not court ordered. (2nd. dui outside 5yrs)?
dmv says 2yrs. interlock system,fr=44 3yrs. even through i had insurance at the time of arrest.
Yes, the law requires it on all second offenses.
I have a vop on a third dui because i didnt finish the classes in the time i had .what do you think will happen?
i got a year probation for a third dui within 9 years .and 5 months in jail . i didnt finish the dui classes and treatment. but iam going to have the classes done before i go to court .
Hire a lawyer ASAP. There is a good chance that because this is a VOP on a 3rd DUI that the sate may seek jail even...
My boyfriend got pulled over for not having his headlights on he is on probation and he just found out his lisence was suspended as well but they charged him for dui becaase i guess he didnt pass their test because he he was on medication from an injury on his arm so that came up. what can happen? pleasse help me im trying to keep him out of jail or prison time
Your boyfriend could get jail or prison time, depending on what the charge is. He will most likely be placed in jail...
In 1996 received a DUI but the charges were dismissed. I just received my records through the FDLE and it shows the arrest but
doesn't show that it was dismissed. Why is this? What do I do regardin this matter? Thank you!
I would apply for a certificate of eligibility from FDLE and file a motion to expunge the record if all the charges...