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St. Clair Shores Crime

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  • Detroit cop-killer suspect charged in Collin Rose mu...

    Thursday Aug 3 | via Daily Mail 

    A man who is suspected of shooting and injuring two other police officers has now been charged with the murder of a third cop. Raymond Durham, 60, was charged on Thursday with the November 22 murder of Wayne State University police officer Collin Rose near the college campus in Detroit.


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  • 60-year-old man charged in slaying of Wayne State of...

    Thursday Aug 3 | via KRON 4 

    Authorities charged a 60-year-old man with first-degree murder Thursday in the slaying of a Wayne State University police officer near campus, the third officer the man is accused of shooting in Detroit. Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy said Raymond Durham was charged with the murder of officer Collin Rose on Nov. 22. Rose was shot in the head in a west side neighborhood a few blocks from Wayne State while investigating possible thefts of navigation systems from cars.


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St. Clair Shores Law

Will judge allow prison boot camp a 2nd time if you had it your last prison sentence
Charge is for dui 3rd offense
There is no telling what a Judge will do. Seek the help of a criminal lawyer you trust. A good attorney can make a big...
Can you do boot camp again. Completed once sucessfully 2 years ago
Dui 8 times
You should talk to your local recruiter to find out if you qualify for a return to service. This is not a legal question.
Do probation officers receive all drug tests or only failed drug tests?
If you take a drug test and do not test positive for any drugs on the panel, is this test sent to the probation officer or are your tests to be assumed to be okay unless a failed test is received? With that asked, if your drug testing facility has a prescription of yours on file and it has already been okayed by the court, when one tests positive for that specific substance is it considered a failed drug test or is a positive result of that drug ignored as there is a legal and valid prescription for it? Finally, does a probation officer reserve the right to forbid prescription medication use even with a legal and current prescription from a certified doctor whose diagnosis requires this medication?
Th PO should get them all but different courts/probation departments may handle that differently. If you have a...
I recently just got an mip at a campsite by the DNR. I blew 0.029. I had one beer.
Im wondering if I should fiight this by saying I rinsed my mouth out with mouth wash and brushed my teeth. Or at least keep on adjouring my court case. So I get a lesser charge.
You should engage an attorney and defend this vigorously. It may seem like a minor charge now but it can have...
I received 2 dwls one in 8/2011 and 1/2012 and received 2 probation violations regarding same and on probation for 2 more months
i go to court in 2 weeks what can i expect as my penalty will i get jail time
Your facts in question seem somewhat unclear. I presume that you are currently under probation for a DUI charge when...
How to get license back after DUI?
DUI happened 10 years ago. License was revoked and everything was taken care of at the time of the incident (fees paid and probation requirements met) what are the chances of getting license back after ten years with no trouble since the incident? What will have to be done to get it back?
The process of license restoration is complex; however, there is no reason you should not be able to get your license...
Can you get a dui on a battery powered bIke in the state of Michigan?
I have a pedigo battery riding bike that I use to get around until I get a vehicle in the near future; it is dual manual as well as battery powered; if the battery dies out I can pedal manually. The battery speed only goes maybe 10mph My question is: could a police officer potentially charge with a dui while riding my battery powered bike?
UNfortunately I believe so, but I will defer my answer to local attorneys. However DUI stands for "driving under the...