St. Augustine Crime

St. Augustine Crime

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  • Theft of multi-tool lands repeat offender in jail un...

    Tuesday Jan 9 | via Historic City News 

    Public Information Officer Cecilia M. Aiple reported to Historic City News today that officers were called to Target, located at 1440 S. Ponce de Leon Boulevard in St Augustine, just after 9:30 p.m. on Thursday January 4, after store security officers observed a customer commit retail theft of a Gerber Multi-Plier 400. The incident was captured on surveillance video, so the shoplifting detail was able to identify and stop 25-year-old Christopher Michael Reeves before he left the store.


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  • Self-reliant citizens volunteer to improve vagrant p...

    Monday Jan 8 | via Historic City News 

    What do you do when you live in a town whose tourism-driven economy is threatened because visitors no longer feel safe doing the very things they traveled there to enjoy - dining from scores of local restaurants, cafes and bistros, walking through charming city streets exploring the romantic sights and sounds, or discovering centuries-old artifacts of our nation's history? That's the dilemma facing residents and business owners in St Augustine every day, and its recently grown evident that the problems are greater than the capacity of the local government to manage.


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  • News 14 mins ago 6:45 p.m.FBI: Florida man arrested ...

    Dec 4, 2017 | via WTSP-TV Saint Petersburg 

    A 69-year-old Jacksonville man has been arrested for allegedly planning a mass shooting at an Islamic Center on St. Johns Bluff Road, according to several law enforcement agencies. The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, along with the FBI of Jacksonville, started investigating in October Bernandino Gawala Bolatete after a source tipped JSO.


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St. Augustine Law

Should I transfer my civil probation from NY to FL? Is there any downsides to transferring it to Florida?
My ex wife and her lawyer used the court system to eliminate me from my daughter's lives by using the court system to claim I should be making $35k/year for the past year and should be making payments of $800/month although I'm unemployed. The prejudice and sexist court system put me on civil probation in NY. Although I'm not suppose to leave the county, even for a job interview, I was given permission by the probation officer in NY to come to Florida while i job search since I was homeless. Now the probation officier is calling me to have my proclbation transferred to Florida. I do not know the laws, requirements, is it better if I just agree to? My NY driver's license is suspended and since I am driving here is it better to have my probation in NY in case i get pulled over it ticketed?
Your question is as bizarre as your situation. Regardless, this is a personal and not a legal decision, and one...
If I only blew a .095 can I fight the dui and get my license back?
I'm a single mother with no job and I genuinely cannot afford to pay all of this money and would rather fight my way out of it.
I changed the practice area from "Licensing" to "DUI", since this is a question more suited for attorneys who are...
How much time is my husband facing
My husband has had 2 dui offenses in the last 5 years. He has since than been arrested 2 other times for driving on a revoked license. Is prison inevitable or can he get off with a fine and jail time?
We are lawyers not divinators or bookies, thus we don't quote odds. Still, were I a betting man then I'd wager that...
Will my security officers license get suspended for a dui first degree misdemeanor :now being charged for hit and run second deg
Will my security officers license get suspended for a dui first degree misdemeanor :now being charged for hit and run second degree misdemeanor in the state of Florida Class D Class G
This is not a DUI question; It is an administrative / regulatory / licensing question, and no lawyer can tell you...
What do I need to do to get my Florida license ?
I had my Virginia license revoked for a DUI in 2008 for five years, and I now live in Florida.
If you completed all the term in VA to get your license back then you should be able to get your FL license. Go apply...
Can I be forced to submit urine for testing without a Court Order ? If I refuse and they deny me, do I have legal recourse ?
My Florida license was suspended in May of 1998 for dui. ( License inactive since ) DMV wants a certificate of completion of dui school to reinstate dl. The dui school wants me to undergo 12 weeks of counseling wherein I must submit to breath and urine testing. This is in addition to the normal 21 hour dui class. I am told if I refuse I will not receive a certificate.
You have no right to drive in FL (or anywhere); rather, driving is a privilege. If you do not do what FL-DMV says,...
Blew 0.00 2 times but refused blood & urine test due to all the prescribed medicines in my body due psychiatc & cronic pain
I called officer and asked him to do a accident report on my car (someone smashed my sun roof. Officer never did that. Instead he searched my vehicle without my permission for drugs or alcohol. Prior to the officer searching my car,I told him I was prescribed medicine from my physicians (bottles, labels and medicine in its bottle from pharmacy). He asked if I had been drinking. I told him no. I have been sober since 3/27/05. Even though I passed all field sobriety without reading my Miranda rights he brought me to St. John's county jail. I was arrested for DUI-narcotics and spent 10 days in jail. There is so much more in regards to this case. I would need to speak to an attorney.
Just from the question, you really need an attorney to assist you in the defense here. You even recognize that you...