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Stopped for suspended driver license which became a vop after incarcerated several weeks later new charges from 6 months prior with intent to sell cocaine to undercover and a snitch . What type of defense would be addressed ?
The question seems like it is a little out of order but I will try to address it as best as I can. First of all we...
Received a dwi later in the evening am I responsible in any way.
You will not be criminally responsible. But, as the owner of the vehicle, you could be on the hook financially for the...
The man was arrested for driving under the influence(Florida). Passed the blood test at the request of a police officer. A month later, received a $ 2,500 bill(from hospital for blood test). Paid.
Definitely contact the hospital to inquire about the charge. Generally the hospital will do a blood draw of of people...
I was involved in car accident more than one year ago. I was getting off the exit, making a left turn onto street, on the green light, and from the opposite side of the highway, old lady was also getting off the same exit, and making her left turn as well. Instead of going left around the median, she stopped in front of median, and then got onto my side of the road, basically she went around the median the wrong way, and caused very very horrible accident. I hit my head in the windshield and my head was bleeding very badly.There was a lot of witnesses because it was sunday morning, on a busy street, and they all told me they witnessed everything, so I had nothing to worry about.The police officer charged me with DUI,and blamed the accident on me. I wish I could write more about, to someone
DUI charges were brought against you according to this post. But, more important is the final disposition. Also of...
I was not required to go to counseling by evaluator. Want to get a hardship license but dmv said no alcohol before I can apply. I have 2 weddings to go to before. How do they know if i have or not. And who is the ultimate decision maker? ,
I wouldn't take any chances. Driving is you're lifeblood in Florida. If the DMV says no alcohol and they find you...
I bumped into a car leaving a parking lot of a bar. However, I continued going and got pulled over and arrested for dui and hit & run. I thought I had passed the field test but then he officer asked me a question in which I couldn't understand because he mumbled. I then asked him to repeat what he said. He got irritated and just told me to put my hands behind my back that I was being arrested. After getting back to the jail they asked me to take a breath test and I refused. I am getting an administrative hearing but know I will probably not win that. This is my first time getting arrested and I'm 40 yr. old. Haven't even had a speeding ticket in 9 yrs. Is there anyway to not get the mandatory 90 days suspension of my license? The owner of car I hit wants to drop the h & r charges.
Unfortunately, if you lose the formal review hearing you will be required to not drive for 90 days. There is no way...
Now he tells me we have to go to trial but he likes the case and know we can prove i was not intoxicated. At this point im thinking of changing attorney for one who has helped me in the past but will cost me 2500 more ,who i think is a better attorney. At this point can this new attorney change things around and settle this without going to trial or will i still have to go to trial since we reached this stage already and the prosecuter dont want to negociate?
You say no positive results. But it is a year later and still no conviction. Whats wrong with that?