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Can a police office call you to come down from your porch then give you a breathalyzer then arrest for public intocication
I was at a bar with my wife two guys jumped me I went to the hospital when I came home I went back to the parking lot to look for my lost chain the bar is two blocks from my house on the way home a cop pulled beside me at the corner of my house asked where I was goin I said home he drove off I got home was sitting on my porch the officer pulled up asked me to come here I came down off my porch he said breath into this gave me a breathalyzer then arrested me for public intoxication
There needs to be some more facts. I would suggest that you contact and talk with an attorney to go over your options...
Plea Agreements in DUI arrests
Are plea agreements to reduce the chargers from a DUI arrest to a dry or wet reckless driving charge common or rare in the City of Philadelphia? I know that it depends on the case but I have read a few articles that mention the high workload of the DA office in major cities like Philly. These articles mention the use of plea agreements to reduce the workload.
DUIs are treated seriously here in Philadelphia, as in any county in PA. With the exception of first offense, very low...
If you recieve a DUI in PA and 3 weeks before you officially get charged can you get a license in another state?
Will they correspond with each other even tho its before your charged?
Your question appears to state that if you get charged with a DUI in one State (PA), can you get a license in another...
Will the prosecutor verify my insurance for a DUI?
I had proof of insurance at the time of my arrest for a DUI involving an accident with no injuries. However I found out afterward my husband had not paid and the insurance had lapsed. Will they find this out and can they then charge me for that?
The MVD will find out generally the court will not.
How will a California interlock device restriction affect my ability to get a driver's license in Pennsylvania?
I was convicted of a first time DUI in Los Angeles county four year ago (June 2011). I completed all terms of my conviction except for the interlock device restriction, because I did not own a car, so was exempted. I am now living in Pennsylvania and would like to apply for a driver's license, but when I obtained my CA Driver History report, the interlock device restriction is still present. Therefore, I assume that if I apply for a license in PA, it won't be granted. My main question is: how do I fulfill my CA IID restriction while living out of state? Can I have the device installed here in PA and then submit proof to CA, or must I own the car in California? Any advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
I don't know with certainty about California but I have seen this situation with states closer to PA. They were able to...
Will they check for other substances besides alcohol in a BAC test?
I was arrested for DUI after I failed the Breathalyzer test and agreed to the blood BAC test. Will they automatically look for other substances in the blood or just the alcohol content?
Yes. They will look for prescription drugs and illegal drugs.
Must a physician in Pennsylvania report a DUI arrest (without conviction) to the State Medical Board? Employer?
An arrest for DWI occurred and has not yet gone to trial. There may be a chance at avoiding conviction entirely. Is reporting of the arrest mandatory to the PA Medical Board? Must this be disclosed the employer if asked?
With all due respect, you need to be asking your attorney these questions. He or she will know your situation first-...