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Springfield Crime

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  • Man charged with two counts of assault after Rose Vi...

    Wednesday Feb 22 | via The News-Review 

    Vincent Findlay, the man accused of shooting another man near the Rose Villa Apartments Monday night is now being charged with first- and second-degree assault with a firearm, instead of an earlier charge of attempted murder, according to court documents. Deputy District Attorney Jodee Jackson said Wednesday that the state may consider "more and different charges at grand jury, but for now, those are the charges."


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  • Springfield purchases police armored Suburban

    Thursday Feb 16 | via Eugene Weekly 

    It's a no-brainer for Springfield Councilor and Lane County Sheriff's deputy Joe Pishioneri that the Springfield Police Department should purchase a police-armored Suburban.


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  • Woman is jailed for allegedly abusing three-year-old...

    Saturday Feb 4 | via Daily Mail 

    Furious Trump slams 'so-called' judge's decision to controversially halt his immigration order in morning Twitter tirade and claims 'certain Middle Eastern countries AGREE with the ban' Police arrest boyfriend, 25, of Texas college student, 22, missing since October after human remains were found in a shallow grave Is Trump ALREADY sending the 'feds' into Chicago? ATF is asking agents to transfer to the city to form a 'Crime Guns Strike Force' after president announced a crackdown on violence Revealed: Secret list of Netflix codes that will help you watch your favorite TV shows and films no matter where you live California sex offender, 48, who kidnapped and murdered four women over six-month span despite being tagged with a GPS monitoring device is reduced to tears as he is sentenced to death Iran is set to 'showcase its power' with a missile test just a day after President Donald Trump ... (more)


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  • Oregon man's Tinder date leaves him naked, wallet-le...

    Wednesday Feb 1 | via OregonLive.com 

    The "Tinder" logo is seen on a mobile phone screen on Nov. 24, 2016. A Mapleton man who met up with a woman using the app had his clothing and wallet stolen at a Springfield motel.


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  • Man sentenced for disturbing Springfield memorial to...

    Jan 22, 2017 | via OregonLive.com 

    A man blamed for a series of disturbances at a memorial site for three kids who died when a pickup truck struck them on Main Street now is banned from returning to the site for the next four years. Travis Joseph Classen agreed to stay away from the memorial at 54th and Main streets as part of a plea deal that resolved a misdemeanor case in Springfield Municipal Court.


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Springfield Law

What steps do I need to take to get the court to release my license?
DUI in 2005, diversion, failed diversion, did jail time and probation, completed outpatient treatment Feb 2008 but now the treatment facility has no record of my treatment because so much time has elapsed. What do I do?
For folks looking to reinstate their driving privileges: DMV’s rules require proof of successful alcohol treatment...
Husband was arrested for driving while suspended. Can I go talk to the judge to try and get him out?
My husband was arrested for driving while suspended misdemeanor. The judge set his bail at $ 1,000. I don't have the money to bail him out. He is the sole provider for the family. We are homeless and living in a motorhome on the side of the road. He is supposed to be doing some work for someone who has a trailer that we were going to move into. Now he can't cause he's in jail. The only reason why he was driving is because my glasses broke while I was driving and I can't see without my glasses. We were going straight to Walmart, about 8 blocks, to get something to fix my glasses. We just got a car from a friend and didn't know the license plate light was burnt out. We were pulled over as we turned into Walmart parking lot. Tried explaining why he was driving but wouldn't listen. Now his bail is $ 1,000. Can I go talk to the judge to try and get him out? If so how do I do it?
It appears your husband will likely qualify for court appointed counsel. He should apply for the same. It is highly...
I recently received a DUI while visiting Oregon state on wendsday. (I am canadian )
I was on the side Of the road putting a address in my gps. Springfield police pulled up behind to ask what I was doing. They smelt beer on my breath and did roadside test and arrested me for dui. I did not blow and coperated the whole time. I posted 1500$ bail and requested an attorney. I am now back in canada and have a court date set for dec 16th... What are my options ? The arresting officer also called me last night and told me he had filed out paper work wrong and that new paper work would be sent to me. He checked the box that I had failed the breath test. But in all reality I did not do a breath test. How will this affect my canadian drivers licence? is there point to fight it ? Or go with diversion? and can I do that being in canada. ?
You should contact a competent DUI attorney who can help you through the process. Often times a person in your...
How long can the DMV require I do a DUI class.
DUI 10 yrs ago. Never did DUI class. Moved from CA. To Oregon. Want license.
Short answer: 15 years. For folks looking to reinstate their driving privileges: DMV’s rules require proof of...
How can i get the hold on my license removed from CA for a 13yr old DUI warrant for failing to do diversion w/o traveling to CA?
I got picked up a year after the dui for a warrant regarding the diversion then i moved to OREGON. i live in OR and there is a warrant and a national hold on my license I am in recovery and have changed my life but i cant get my license here in oregon without clearing up the issue in orange county CA for a 13 year old dui. What is my easiest way to fix this without having to go to southern California?
If you do not want to appear or handle the situation the only option that you have is to retain an attorney to handle...
At the end of a 1 yr. suspension, Ore. DMV site says any arrest after 1/1/16 needs IID for 1 more yr. Does it apply to prior?
Can't get clear answer on whether or not the rule applys to arrests prior to that date.
No. the IID requirement is not retroactive.
Can I have my IID removed from my vehicle when my 1 year suspension is up. Been told I have to leave it in for another year?
Looked up Oregon DMV's own website in which it clearly states that if your arrest was Jan. 1 of 2016 or after, that that rule would apply. Mine was Dec. 2015. Can't get a clear answer from anyone? Also when referred to this site, I was asked if I needed a DUI removed from my record. Is this even possible and what doe's it take to pursue this. Don't know why the website would post something that far fetched? Would be willing to hire someone if this is for real.
If the DUII was a diversion than you can remove the IID once the diversion period is over (usually 12 months). If this...