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I have prior convictions, all non violent, and am currently on parole, which I will complete in September. I live below the poverty line and can honestly not afford a lawyer. I have started the SATOP program. Is the amount of jail time I am likely to get (if any) worth the amount of money I will have to pay? Thank you for your time.
The jail time will depend on if you a charged in municipal court or State court. No matter where you are charged, you...
I have moved to Springfield from st Louis and I have warrants there. Will they arrest me on misdemeanor warrants and expedite me four hours back?
No guarantee but unless it is traffic related, probably not. If you have pending traffic matters in MO, the PDPS may...
I had an SES for 2 years in one county for a DWI charge that if I violated the probation I would serve 6 months in jail. I then got a driving on a revoked/suspending in another county (I have not went to court for this yet). Will I have to serve 6 months in jail? The other stipulation was to serve 240 community service hours which I completed and fines, which I have paid. I will not be able to get a DL until 2017 (found this out after the fact of getting pulled over)
You need a lawyer as soon as possible. And don't go back to the one that forgot to tell you that you were going to...
She was arrested for under age DUI but she was parked on side of road unfortunately with keys in the ignition and 1.5 Adderall pills so a possible felony offense. The pills were not hers & she successfully proved this so no felony offense. I guess the out come is she will take 8 pts against her license & officially loose it for 30 days then get it back and the points will follow her till they fall off. Some community service, some other classes & a bunch of fees. Does she have a PSI report & will she have to sign it for it's accuracy? I am really worried cause her attorney will not communicate with me because I ask too many questions for him. She's under 21 over 18 & just a normal flamboyant kid that does not quite realize yet attention to detail any advise is greatly appreciated:):)
Sometimes you have to let them go. PSI are not done on misdemeanors. You and I know differently, but a first DWI isn'...
I'm going into to my third court date for my DWI, it was a first time offense, no accident occurred, Blew a .86, and lawyer told me to plead guilty. I live in Springfield Mo, I've took SATOP, and another class to help but that's it. Also was wondering the estimated cost of things.
If you have an attorney representing you, talk to your attorney to get these questions answered.
4 wheeler to there compound then say they didn't have it just to crush it later? Can the police revote my license if I was unable to answer them? Medically impaired. And can they get the a tox report on me without me signing them out to them? Did not refuse there request I was unconscious and couldn't answer them. What is the statue of limitations on this? Thank You Very Much
You need to go see a local attorney. Generally speaking the police do not tow your vehicle -- they have it towed by...
I had gotten in to a fight at a huge party in California while in the Marine Corps. I took a plea deal with a felony assault charge, but it was a "wobbler" so I could get it reduced. I finished my time in the Marine Corps got an honorable discharge. Did 2 years of my 3 years of probation then I was released early of probation, and had the felony reduced then expunged as a misdemeanor. I am now in the Marine Corps reserves, but was curious if becoming a cop was an option? It happened in 2009. It is the only thing I have on my record. Or had since it was expunged as a misdemeanor
if you case is expunged then its as if you never had one, therefore its not on your record I presume. This should help...