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How to get records of official pulled over for weaving but not arrested for DUI?
Our elected official was weaving erratically and one of our officers pulled him over. The officer was directed by command to not make a record of it but I am wondering if there might be some radio records of the stop even though he wasn't charged. And if so, what language can I use in a FOIA request to increase my chances of getting the records? I wish to gather a recall petition and am looking for anything that I can get my hands on to assist with this. (I changed the city but the state is the same. Our town is just too small and I don't want to be recognized, however, I doubt this is such an unusual scenario)
Ask the 911 center for that officer's MDT and radio traffic for that shift only.
I had a DUI in 1997 when I was 24. Will that show as a misdemeanor on my criminal record or is it traffic only?
I pled guilty & My license was suspended for a short time, completed everything required, paid a fine. The paperwork I had just said discharge upon payment. It was not on my motor vehicle report. I haven't been in any trouble since but am now suspected of stealing something from a friends house. Will that show up as a criminal conviction on police record?
It would have been a misdemeanor back then. Sounds like you may have received supervision which is not a conviction if...
What will happen driving truck with xanax in system?
Drove in truck blew breathalyzer and did piss test. Paid cop 300 not to go to jail. Had xanax in system not prescribed by doctor
Could be a peoblem if you have a CDL. I'm surprised he had you past 300 instead if 100 and your license. Once the test...
How hard will it be to get my revoked license back ?
I had 7 or 8 revoked or suspension tickets from 1 dui and I just kept getting pulled over. I have had no charges in 4 years and have passed a drug and alcohol evaluation.
There is no way of knowing precisely how difficult it will be to get your license back but with that many citations...
Getting a new license from dmv when license was used as bond
My license was suspended and used as bond related to a dui. My suspension is up and I haven't paid the reinstatment fee. The court fee was considerably more hefty and will be paid but for the mean time am I able to go to the dmv and get a new license? My logic in this is my license was taken as bond and not my driving privledges.
You're correct in that you DID post your drivers license as bond... And the purpose of bond is to assure the court...
Is a DUI received in Illinois considered a drug offense?
Applying for a teaching license in Illinois and they ask the following question: Have you ever been convicted of a felony, or any sex, narcotics, or drug offense in Illinois or any other state? I was convicted of a DUI (for alcohol) and received court supervision.
DUI is not a drug offense. Furthermore, if you received supervision, you were not convicted. Check your records carefully.
Will I be arrested or simply given a court date months after suspected DUI.
Over the summer I was in a car accident. The court subpoenaed my records for suspected DUI and after several months of fighting it, the judge allowed the prosecuting attorney the right to see a certain part of it. I was under the legal limit when the test was administered by over half. If the prosecutor decided to press charges, will I be arrested and made to pay bail or just given a court date? I am also going on a trip overseas during Christmas break and I have been worried all weekend that if the prosecutor decides to file, I will be prohibited from going. My stomach has been in knots as I have spent a lot of money for this trip. This is a first offense and would be a misdemeanor. I also do not live in the state where the accident happened.
While it is understandable that you are concerned, fussing over "what ifs" does you no good. it is unclear where this...