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IIn 2012 my husband got two fui, fui less safe drugs and fui less safe alcohol.now he is facing a third driving on suspended lic
What is the punishment cor getting a driving on suspended license,and it being your third one in cu e years.we lu e in Rincon ga.
How much jail time is hard to answer. With the help of an attorney he may be able to work out something in which jail...
I was convicted of DUI recently. I was wondering if there was any way to get my mug shot taken off the internet.
I was convicted of DUI recently. I was wondering if there was any way to get my mug shot taken off the internet as this was a misdemeanor.
Unfortunately, information on the Internet that is part of the public record and true, even if unflattering, is hard to...
This is my second DUI and my license was given back in traffic court as I agreed to plead guilty for DUI in criminal court
This is my second DUI in 10 years and my license was given back in traffic court as I agreed to plead guilty for DUI in criminal court. I was given my full license back without any restriction. I plead guilty in criminal court of Chatham county and was given regular sentencing on DUI conviction. DUI school, 40 hours CM, clinical evaluation and probation. there was no reference of suspension of license. however I received letter from DMV 2 weeks later saying my license now had been suspended. Only reason I plead guilty as I thought I had my full license back, at least I was told this by lawyer who I can not contact as he is out of town. I do not even have a work permit and I live alone without any relatives who can help me commute. Is it any way I can still ask for work permit?
Your license is suspended for the first four months. When you went to court you should have been given a first...
Charges were dropped during ALS haring, but DMV asks for paper that I have not received.
I just went to ALS hearing and according to my lawyer my charges were with drawn by the officer. I was told by my lawyer that I can get my license, but DMV asks for some kind of letter from court that I don't have.....I am still waiting for my criminal case hearing. Does anyone know how this works? Should I be receiving a paper from Court?
It takes several days for the information to be processed and DDS to be able to reissue your license.
I got a DUI in 5/10 and did not make it to court because I was in jail on my court date.
I am going to court soon and I don't know what to do. When I was incarcerated I told the people at the jail that I had court and they said if " they" want me "they" will come get me. I am trying to get my license back. Do I plead guilty? I am trying to get everything straightened out. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
You need to hire a local defense attorney for both the DUI and for failing to appear at court. If you were in jail,...
I refused to blow on a DUI a year ago and haven't went to court yet. Can i get my licence back since the one year is up?
I was arrested a year ago last week for DUI. I also refused to blow. I am aware that when you refuse your licence is revoke automatically for a year. Can I get it back even thou i have not went to court yet for the charges? I do plan to fight the charge and feel that i have a pretty good case, but am still unsure what my rights are .
Based on your question, it sounds like you don't have a lawyer, which is a mistake. Regarding your license question, I...
Can I get rid of misdemeanor probation violation warrants without jail time.
I have three separate probations warrants one for driving without a license one for a DUI and one for obstruction. How do I solve this without jail time.
I'm not sure I understand your situation. Are you currently on probation for DUI, driving without a license and...