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Spring Valley Law

When is this going to go into effect in Gowanda prison for DWI
My brother is sentenced a 1 to 4 and have done 14 months and got hit for 24 at the parole
Your question is unclear but I think you are asking when is he expected to get out. If he went to parole and they said...
I was driving my friends car home because he was too drunk and he told me to drive . I hit a guard rail and totaled the car .
No one was hurt and no other cars were involved . His car is just totaled . Can he sue me ?
Yes. Don't post more facts. Were you ticketed, as well?
How long does a DWI stay on a new york Drivers License abstract
How Long Does a DWI stay on my Driver License as well as abstract.
It does not seal and stays on a RAP sheet forever so I would assume the same for a DMV abstract.
DWAI Rockland NY? Is this legaly considered an arrest? Can my employers see it on my record when I'm hired?
I know this is not a criminal offence but does it stay on my record and for how long?
A plea to a DWAI is a non-criminal offense in that it is a violation of law. However, that being said - it is on your...
Is it possible to get off of 5 years post release supervision early in new york state??
i've been released from prison with 5 years post release supervision and i heard that you can get off early if you have good behavior
If the judge sentenced you to 5 years of post release supervision, that is what you will deal with. A few years ago,...
I planned a 30-year high school reunion at a catering hall. Am I liable for guests who drink and drive?
Should I ask the venue for a copy of their insurance/liability coverage? Should I place a "hold harmless" or indemnification clause on the website where tickets are being sold?
The venue along would not hold sole liability in the event a guest is involved in an accident or incident related to...
I have a NY Conditional License after a DWAI. I am moving to NJ can I get a NJ license prior to the end of my revocation?
I get my full license back in December 2015. I cannot drive anywhere by to and from work/my house (address on my license). I am not permanently moving to NJ but temporarily. Can I keep my NY license and change the address on my conditions?
I do not believe that NJ will give you a driver's license while you have a conditional in NY.