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First DUI need to understand consequences
I was pulled over for a dim headlight, but was asked to take breath test, i took the breath test, and my numbers was not given. Then I was asked to give blood, I refused not fully understanding why I should give blood, the officer did not explained why blood was needed. So a few weeks goes by, and I get a notice saying to turn my license in, and they are revoked for a year!..I am a college grad, a full time time job, that requires me having transportation. Can you let me know how I should handle this situation?.
Drivers licenses in Pennsylvania are issued on the condition that we will consent to blood tests to determine if we are...
Iam on parole and was caught with and charge for a dui and driving on supended liccense .will I go back to prision.
they pulled me over and said that someone called them that a red car describe like the one I was driving uncontrolable,and they got my plate number.when the took me in the found that I wasn't the car they were looking for and said they were sorry but proceed to arrest me for dui@with out license.
Whether you will go back to prison depends upon your conditions of parole. You should speak with an attorney in your...
How much time will someone get for four armed robberies and DUI plus heroin with intent to sell?
My son was addicted to heroin and he tried to get help but the counties were out of money and we had no way of sending him to rehab. We were sent to Obama care and by then, two weeks later it was too late because he had gone back to using. He would have never done armed robbery without the addiction.
Unfortunately, the families of addicts often seem to suffer the most. For that, you have our sympathy. However,...
Can someone finish a DRC course and graduate for DUI and was on probation for 5 year does that mean they can't drink for 5 year?
What would be the outcome.
What would be the outcome of what? Whether or not you can drink is in the terms of your probation. That's paperwork...
I had my inter license for year my time up and their still good for two years what do i do to get my license back
thay sent me a dl/3731 4-14 i dont understand why thay want me to pay again
Contact the DMV and explain that you've already paid the fee indicated on the letter. It may be a clerical error on...
How much jail time do you get for getting caught with 2 grams of heroin & being under the influence? (DWI)
1 previous DUI, not within the one year DUI probation period. I'm now still waiting on the blood results to come back from the hospital.
If you have drugs in system and it is 2nd DUI offense within 10 years, then this would 90 day mandatory minimum case....
I was stopped at a DUI checkpoint and found that unbeknowest to me my license was suspended.
The officer did not take me into custody and I was told to report to the courthouse to enter a plea and make payment arraignments for my fine. Is that all that it entails?
It would be a major mistake to plead guilty. The conviction will call for a one year license suspension. It is...