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Child custody and marijuana dui
I am in the process of getting paternity established. But I have found myself in a bind I have two DUIs for marijuana and a paraphernalia charge. I am a great father to my two sons now and I have a ton of people to attest to that. But will my charges hinder me from getting any custody or visitation? Thank you in advance.
Your prior record is certainly relevant in a custody situation. If the convictions are in the recent past, they are...
I need help I am about to loose my job house and college classes I have my associate in paralegal and bachelor in CJ in Feb
I was recently arrested with my second DUI in Chambersburg PA my first one was in Maryland and I got a PBJ I can't afford an attorney I already had my prelimmonary hearing and paid the attorney for that everybody looks at your income but if your income equals your bills and you're in debt that doesn't help if you don't qualify for a loan or have a cosigner and you live by yourself I have no one that can assist me with the money at the end of the preliminary hearing a dashcam show up which could help me gratefully my work currently said there was a lot of issues that occurred during a stop that may be able to assist me however I cannot come up with a couple thousand dollars to pay him to go on... I contacted the public office and they suggest that I represent myself because I can't qualify
So sorry to hear about your situation; this post doesn't pertain to school law or education law, however. You might...
What happens if you dui out of state and you are also out on bail in your own state?
Continuing from an earlier question about my son-in-law having a dui out of state, but has returned home from bad accident and surgery. He is out on bail with drug charges in his home state with "no alcohol" restrictions. If his home state finds out about the out of state dui, they will put him back in I am sure, but will his home state find out? Do the states communicate this information to each other ?
His home state may not communicate it to the district attorney's office prosecuting him, but depending on the state,...
DUI charges were filed on my son-in-law while he was out of state. Can he be convicted without fingerprinting ?
He was in a terrible accident driving drunk while out of state and his arm was badly injured. Was rushed to hospital, had emergency surgery, then released a few hours after surgery. He is back home in own state, but no fingerprints were taken. Police records on internet report that charges were filed against him, but son-in-law says they didn't ticket him that he remembers or finger print him. Is he really charged then?
Yes. Sounds like he was likely charged and if he doesn't reach out and make contact there may be a warrant issued for...
What are the penalties?
17 year old DUI, did not get arrested, car was wrecked but did not hit any other vehicles because it flipped over, BAC level was .04%, no injuries, wreck time was 3 am which police arrived around the same time.
It's difficult to determine what kind of penalties you will be facing. Ultimately penalties are going to depend on...
My vehicle was repossessed and now my keys are stuck in the ignition like they punched the ignition to get the car.
My question is in pa is the repo company held liable for the damage done to my vehicle and who should I contact?
You can hold them liable through a civil complaint, however, it is a dicey and complicated process. Contact an...
First DUI need to understand consequences
I was pulled over for a dim headlight, but was asked to take breath test, i took the breath test, and my numbers was not given. Then I was asked to give blood, I refused not fully understanding why I should give blood, the officer did not explained why blood was needed. So a few weeks goes by, and I get a notice saying to turn my license in, and they are revoked for a year!..I am a college grad, a full time time job, that requires me having transportation. Can you let me know how I should handle this situation?.
Drivers licenses in Pennsylvania are issued on the condition that we will consent to blood tests to determine if we are...