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Do they give a UA at a DUI court review session for compliant, non-drug related defendants?
DUI First Offense. Pleaded guilty and have done all the Judge has asked of me so far. Going to my first DUI court review session and wanted to know if they do a UA in the actual court? No drug issues or offenses, still in pain from the accident my drinking caused and was going to take something for pain so I can be well rested for the review hearing in the morning. My next screening will be over a week from now when I go for treatment intake. No issues passing that one or previous ones I have had.
Is it possible that you could be urine tested in court? Yes it is possible (depending on the conditions of your...
What repercussions can be expected when you receive a show cause regarding a prior conviction in Virginia?
Convicted 01/2012 of first offense Misdemeanor DUI/DWI; ordered to pay a fine, complete ASAP class, have restricted license for 1yr (driving to/from work, etc. permitted) and be on good behaviour (1-2yrs, cannot recall exactly)... Charged with driving on a suspended in 05/2012 and convicted of the same in 10/2012; ordered to pay a fine and serve 2 days in jail over the following weekend... Good behaviour/probation lifted either in 01/2013 or 01/2014... Received "show cause" 07/2014... Could you advise what I might expect from such a hearing? And, do I need to hire a lawyer to represent me? I haven't been in any trouble since 05/2012, am an upstanding citizen, gainfully employed, etc? Thank you.
This is one of the most serious probation violations you can face. By driving with a suspended license, you were...
1st DUI, still under unsupervised probation. Can I move from Virginia to North Carolina?
I've completed all the required class (VASAP and Treatment), I currently have a restricted license with the ignition interlock. However I am still on probation for a few more months, but have been offered a job in NC. What steps will I need to take to make the move and stay on path to have my license fully reinstated in VA?
Get approval from the probation department before you go.
Can i get a Felony DUI Expunged?
About 5 years ago i got a DUI while driving after been declared a habitual offender. And i am wanting to know if i can have this felony expunged. Along with several other charges that was filed against me that was Null Processed... Even though i was not convicted of the Null Processed charges when i have a background check. The Null processes charges still pop up. I went through a ordeal several years ago when i was getting clearance through TSA and one of the charges that was Null processed popped up. It was a charge of Felonious Information. I had to file an appeal and call the court house and get records showing i was and never will be charged with the Hull processed charges. I got my TSA clearance. after the appeal. But it is a head ache every time i have to get a background check.
Virginia does not allow for expungement of DUI convictions. In fact, Virginia does not allow expungement of any...
Any way to avoid having an ignition interlock device installed in my car after husband convicted of second dui?
My husband has been convicted of a second dui and had his license suspended for 3 years. I have been told that all cars associated with our address will have to be fitted with an ignition interlock device. Does that include cars that are not owned by my husband? At the moment my car is jointly owned but I plan to have that changed so I am sole owner. I do not drink and am totally mortified at the thought of having to blow into the device every time I get in the car. I sometimes pick up or drop off our preschooler and friends at school or at home after play dates and am concerned about how this is going to look to other parents and the ramifications this might have for our child. Who wants to entrust their child to someone with this device in their car? I do not want me or my child to have to be penalized for my husbands stupidity. Short of moving to a different address is there any way I can avoid having this device placed in my car?
If you state requires an interlock on each vehicle owned, co-owned or operated, you may be able to put the your vehicle...
Any way to avoid/ reduce jail time or penalties for second dui?
My friend has been charged with second dui offense within five years of first dui. He was picked up after colliding with another vehicle, although he states he was not at fault. He has a history of alcoholism and has missed visits with court official for BAC testing because he was incapacitated. He spent five days in jail paying bail to get out. He has been assigned a public defender. What can be done to reduce jail time and penalties? Would retaining a private attorney be more likely to result in a better outcome?
A private attorney will not necessarily result in a better outcome. But it might. A private attorney will be able to...
Can I get a restricted Virginia license to travel to work in Tennessee where my license is revoked?
I got a first DUI in Tennessee in October, 2015 and had my rights to drive in TN revoked. I requested a restricted license to drive in TN but the courts said no since I wasn't a TN resident. I then requested a restricted license in VA but they said no, since I hadn't broken any laws in Virginia. Recently, Virginia (my home state) revoked my license due to receiving information from TN. Since I work in TN, I need a restricted license to drive to work. Can I get a restricted VA license and drive in TN to work? I have completed all of my TN requirements...will VA take these or must I complete them in again in VA? I have went to the VA DMV and to my local courthouse to request help but they state that with TN it may be a problem and I'm not getting anywhere. Please advise.
Revoked or suspended? You have answered your own question within it. You probably have to comply with a number of...