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Can I expunge my minor dui in Washington state?
It was 2 years ago when I was 19. Finished all court requirements and have had no other offenses since then.
I believe a minor DUI can be vacated but you will need to wait longer
Can a hospital take a sample of my blood without consent?
I was arrested for a DUI. After blowing positive with a BAC of .118 I asked for a blood sample to be taken from a hospital. Once at the Hospital a nurse drew my blood. Then, a phone call came down to her. After the phone call, the nurse took my blood samples and threw them away. I was informed that I could not give my consent to a blood draw, and that they could only take my blood with a doctors order or an order from the police officer. The police officer refused to give the order for a blood draw because the department would have to pay for it. I was then given a form to sign to consent the blood sample that had already just been taken. I refused to sign since they had thrown my sample into the garbage and ruined evidence for my dui defense. Can this be considered medical malpractice?
When you asked for the blood sample to be taken did you have the funds to pay for the test? I don't know anything...
Should I get an attorney?
Booked for a dui, blew a .29 but also had blood drawn. I am pre trial but have an interlock and random pee tests already. Have a neg 1 from 2011.
It is always a good idea to get a lawyer. The mandatory minimum on the facts as you presented them is 45 days jail plus...
I have a WA license can I switch my license over to ND and get my CDL with a pending DUI?
I got the DUI in WA but I had a job offering in ND and had to come out here for the job the jobs requires me to switch my license to ND and get my cdl will I be able to do that
A pending DUI should not have an effect on your ability to obtain a CDL license as it is not yet a conviction. The...
Weed and Sui
I was both smoking weed and drinking, I was pulled over. I didn't have that many beers and I didn't smoke that much weed but still the officer said that he was taking me in.I blew 1.4 but that's impossible because I smoked much more weed then I drank. Is there anyway I can get out of this proving how much weed I smoked.
You must be smoking much more weed right now if you think proving you were more stoned than drunk somehow gets you out...
Where should i go for alcohol evaluation assessment in spokane wa?
I need to find a fair place for alcohol evaluation assessment. Where should I go?
You'll want an evaluator that reccommends the treatment you need (or lack thereof), not the treatment the evaluator...
I was hit by a car by my exs girlfriend drunk and suspended, then days later her and the ex husband assaulted me
the local sheriff wont do anything about either time what should i do
You could ask to have a meeting with a supervisor at the sheriff's office to explain their decision. Other than that,...