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If you are found not guilty of dwi do you still have to pay the 100.00 dollar fee to get your license back?
And do you get your money back from the bail bondsman?
If you are referring to the initial 30 day suspension and the subsequent $100 reinstatement fee, then yes it still...
I'm 42 i have 0.00 bac restrictions on my license. i blew a .05 and got charged with a dwi instead of violating my restrictions.
Do i have a good chance of being found not guilty?and would'nt that be a two for one win for me?
I assume that you have 0.00 BAC restriction on your license because you have two prior DWI convictions, where the...
My resrictions is a 0.0.i blew a 0.5 and i got charged with a dwi instead of violating my restrictions.Do i have a strong case?
i also passed the sobrioty test.and n.c. dwi is a 0.8 or more my restrictions is a 0.0 i blew a 0.5. But i got charged with a dwi instead of violating my restictions.Do i have a strong case?
I assume you mean 0.08 and 0.05, cause if you blew a 0.5 you'd be dead. You need to talk to an attorney, because it's a...
I know I'm guilty for a DUI, is there really a point to hiring an attorney?
I blew a .19 after wrecking my car, and was arrested. I can't really afford an attorney, but, will having an attorney will affect my outcome?
You should certainly apply for a court appointed lawyer. DWIs are actually quite complicated, and there are collateral...
How much could I get for my drunk driving case?
My grandma, friend and I was hit by a drunk driver. We were injured and our car was towed. How much could we sue for?
Depends on a plethora of factors...potential defendants...insurance coverage...possible dram shop...best to have it...
My boyfriend was recently arrested for DWI and had a ice hold on him but was bailed out on bond . Can he still be deported
My boyfriend was recently arrested for DWI and had a immigration hold on him and was bonded out and has a court date in 2 months, CAn he still be deported or detained the day he goes to court or will he get a chance to plea his case and have everything worked out in court or does he have a big chance of being detained that day and held for deportation.
Yes he can be sure to ask his immigration lawyer and defense Attorney for the specifics after they have reviewed all...
Is it possible I could be eligible for a license in N.C.? Can I pursue a license in N.C. even though I'm not eligible in N.Y.?
I have 5 dwi convictions in N.Y. and I'm considered a habitual offender and therefore have a lifetime revocation on my license. Only my last offense is less than 10 years old. I'm now living a sober life trying to repair my past. I'm interested in establishing residence in N.C. and pursuing a license. I'm seeking a attorney who's familiar with N.C.'s dwi laws and also the policies and procedures of motor vehicles in N.C..
Yes, you can get a NC driver's license. It is a tough road and you are probably going to need a lawyer in NY as well....