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I have a question about what happens if i move out of state while being on probation for a DUI?
I am currently on probation for a DUI, gross misdemeanor cause its my second in ten years, for another two and half years. I am thinking about paying off my fines, finishing my court ordered tx and moving out of state illegally. I can't deal with my probation for another two and half years and want to move out of state and start over. I have never been in trouble with the law other that two DUI's and am wondering how much of a chance I am taking by leaving without permission from my PO or the courts. My PO has basically told me that there is little chance for me to get my case transfered to another state and I will either have to deal with the length on my probation or sit my year in jail....neither one seems like a viable option. Thanks
Before you leave why don't you talk with your attorney about bringing a motion before the sentencing judge allowing you...
What is the legal limit for oxycodone and morphine in a blood test for dui/dwi?
I was arrested for a dui/dwi. I gladly gave a blood test (I requested a urine but was denied). My blood test came back at .01 oxycodone and .02 morphine. The meds were prescribed by a dr. The prescription was 20 mg morphine and 15 mg oxycodone (I think). But they were high amounts due to my chronic pain and several spinal conditions. I had not taken any pain meds for almost 3 days. I have been told once by a probation officer that .20 was cutoff for pain meds. This seems high to me, but then .01 would be nothing. I think this is a joke and they haven't dropped it. Do you know the legal limits? People take pain meds as prescribed all the time and drive. The meds say drive with caution. I crossed the white line twice. Thank you.
Hello. The concern as to the named prescribed drugs is not 'legal limits', but, rather, whether you had a valid...
My gf got an OWI years ago in WI. in order to get her DL back she needs to take Chemical assessment. Can this be done in MN?
She moved to MN awhile ago and was wondering if CA could be done here in state versus driving all the way to WI to do it. Any advice would be appreciated.
Normally, yes. Check with Wisconsin's Court system to make sure. But normally if the assessor is licensed and...
DWI/DUI Minnesota
received a dwi a couple of days ago called in no court date yet they dont have me on their schedule yet...blew a .14 at station and i had my kids in the car....i have to get whiskey plates and licensed revoked for 90 days..... what are my chances of winning anything if i hire a lawyer for $3,000..one quoted me over $10,000.should i just plea....i haven't had a dwi for more than 10 years ...i work and have school and kids i can't stop driving....what should i expect for jail time if any...fines?
You have options for attempting to get a limited license if necessary (when isn't it necessary). You should continue to...
Can I work as a taxi driver if my DWI is expunged ?
The court in Minnesota has recently granted my petition for expungement of my very old DWI conviction. I am also aware that I will need to wait 60 days after the grant. However, I would like to know if I will be able to work for Uber ( taxi driver) after file is sealed ?!
That's going to be an internal matter for Uber to decide.
My dui citation isn't in the system? Did I actually get charged?
I recieved a citation for a dui December 3rd, 2016 (over two and a half months ago) and it is still not in the system. When I call in they say there's no record of it (so I also have no idea how much my fine is), and I have yet to receive my court date. I was with my boyfriend and he got an underage drinking ticket at the same time but that was in the system within 10 days. Is this long a normal time frame? Or did my ticket get lost or something? I would just like to know what exactly should I do in this situation, and if I'm actually going to get charged.
It's hard to say. It's possible that the prosecutor just hasn't filed the charges against you yet. Did they do a blood...
Why wasn't I informed about "no alcohol use or drug use" on back of my license?
Back in October, I was stopped and charged with DUI. I beat both the criminal and DMV hearing parts of it. The state of MN gave me my driving privileges back, so I thought everything was good to go. The other night I was in my truck coming back from the casino, and my friend was driving my truck (sober) and we got stopped and he ran our licenses. He came back to my window and said that I had a no alcohol or drug restriction on my license, and that he wasn't going to issue me a ticket or anything that night, but if he had to he would send it in the mail. I was never informed or agreed to in writing for the "B-card." I just looked it up out of curiosity, and I see that it says any violation of the "no drink, etc" results in immediate cancellation of my driving privileges. Is this true? I just don't see how if I never agreed or was informed about the restricted driver's license how I can get lose my privileges? Any help/feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
I had a similar case some years back. The DPS took the position that they cannot cancel and deny (B-Card issuance) if...