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Is there any leeway on the BAC reading (.172) for a deferred judgment 1st offense?
I was arrested for 1st offense DUI. Pulled over for speeding by a state trooper in training. I was surprised to be pulled over because I wasn't going more than 5-6 miles over the limit. I was immediately asked to exit the vehicle and sit in the troopers car. I complied because I figured I had no choice. She asked me how fast I was going, I didn't know, but it wasn't much over the limit, was I speeding? What was my speed? She wouldn't tell me... I was frustrated and asked again why I was pulled over. She said 'greater than 60.' (55 mph road). She said she smells alcohol. I had two drinks earlier in the day at lunch 4-5 hours prior. My wife and I stoppped at a friends who's family runs a winery. I had 3 small glasses of wine that was being processed to try it out. I was okay to drive so we left. I did sobriety tests in the dark, along the gravel shoulder with cars passing. I voiced my frustration with the uneven surface, flashing lights, and gravel. To my shock by the time we returned to the station more than an hour and a half later I blew a .17 and was in jail until 10 the next morning. Is there any chance for a deffered? Clean record. I work in finance. No charges ever.
There are numerous issues that can be addressed that could be beneficial to you. You should contact an experienced owi...
How much prison time am i looking at?
I was in a owi car accident in iowa. I have four priors within the last ten years from california. I had no license, insurance and four people were injured. All had bruising and one fractured hand. How many years in prison am I looking at?
It would depend on what the 4 priors were, and what the current charges are. A 3rd offense (the highest in IOWA) OWI in...
What will happen in court for dwsl in iowa?
I was pulled over a few days ago and told I had a suspended license. I had no prior knowledge of the suspension. The officer gave me a summons to court and said to drive straight home. I have never broken the law and am not sure what to expect when I go to court.
I am not licensed to practice law in Iowa, but my question is why was the license suspended for you? Can you go to the...
How long before they charge you with a DUI?
I was in a single car accident a week ago under the influence of alcohol. I live in Iowa and was airlifted from the scene. The police know I'm currently home but have not charged me with a DUI yet. Is this normal...or possibly did they over look that I was under the influence. The hospital took alcohol blood test?????
Contact an attorney for help navigating these questions.
Can i get an owi standing outside of my car while intoxicated
I was outside of my car when police came and i was intoxicated and they gave me an owi because they said i was driving i said no. But they still took me to jail
Could you? Sure. Could there be facts under which you couldn't? Sure. Get an attorney if you have a valid...
What should I do on a probation violation
I missed my hearing for a probation violation for a DUI 1st, Do I need an id when i turn myself in.
Probably not, but it won't hurt to bring it if you have it. Don't miss any more hearings.
Will my friend be taken into custody immediately if sentenced to jail time for misdemeanor conviction?
My friend has a sentencing district court date next week. He had an arrest warrant for him in Iowa for multiple unpaid fines for driving on suspended license , no car insurance and he is now considered a habitual offender. His license is now barred. I posted his bail of $500. Are these all misdemeanors? And can he get jail time? Will he be taken into custody immediately? His violations go back 2 years with no payment from him and him not showing up to past court dates.
Each county and each judge handles these situations differently. Your friend might go to jail immediately if any jail...