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What is the BAC level to be charged with DWI in Maryland? I know for Dui it is .08. Do people really get arrested for DWI
What is the BAC level to be charged with DWI in Maryland? I know for Dui it is .08. Do people really get arrested for DWI with BAC around .04 or .05? I usually drive home after a 2 ir 3 beers at the bar. I know I'm under the .08 level but I may need to rethink things if I can get arrested even if by BAC is less than that. Any advice?
In Maryland, .08 is a presumption that you are under the influence. .07 is a presumption that you are impaired. .06 is...
Can a judge impose the interlock program if the mva I was not required to get one because of faulty paperwork?
I was arrested for suspicion of a dui I refused to the breathalyzer and was arrested and processed. The officer didn't have the correct paperwork therefore I wasn't read the correct rights for refusing the chemical test. At the mva hearing the judge didn't not impose the interlock program and I was awarded my $150 hearing request fee. I have not appeared in court yet, so my question is can the courts impose the interlock program eventhough the mva didn't require it?
Yes, if you are convicted or receive probation before judgment, the judge can impose the one year interlock. If you are...
Can I get an extension on my court date ?
I got stopped by a cop and my permit was suspended and also expired , I got my court date already but I was wondering if I could get an extension for court date so I can renew my permit , like I don't wanna do any jail time , what can i do or how can I asked the judge ? Could I be deny an extension ? This is my second time going to court for this but the first time I manage to get my permit renew
You can request a postponement, but the decision whether to postpone the case is up to the judge. You would have to...
Post Conviction, and statute of limitations of the offense.
Let's say I'm on probation for Driving Suspended for the next 3 years, but the actual offense happened 3 years ago. If I file a Petition for Post-Conviction Relief, and successfully get the conviction vacated and remanded back for a new trial. Could the prosecution re-prosecute the offense or would they be barred by the statute of limitations?
SOL was satisfied when you were charged originally, so it would not bar reprosecution if you received post conviction...
A drunk driver hit and totaled my new car. Insurance paid a portion but not enough can I sue for balance owed?
Drunk driver hit and totaled my new car which was parked. Insurance paid current market value. However, I still owe a significant amount. Can't purchase a new car til I pay down loan. Do I have any recourse? I needed car for medical reasons
Yes, you can. You can also sue for the cost of a rented replacement vehicle. Your comprehensive insurance will only...
I have been asked by my attorney to take an alcohol education class in order to show that I'm being proactive before a DUI/DWI. -My question is: What will that do for me? Will the outcome be different from what it would've been if I had not taken the class? I am not considering not taking it (already enrolled) but I'm just wondering what the judge will think of that and what effects it could have on my case. -Will the judge be able to see the results of a PBT? I'm under the impression that it can't be used against me, but I'm wondering if he/she will still be able to see the results? -Will refusing the test at the station automatically hurt me in court? -Since the introduction of Noah's law, has it been harder for attornerys to fight off first offense DUIs? -In what cases are breathalyzers put into vehicles?
You have an attorney and he or she is the best person to ask these questions. First, some judges will put people in...
If my DUI court case was dismissed of all charges, do I have to keep my interlock equipment installed?
My lawyer told me to get ahead of my situation by getting the interlock installed immediately so it would look better in court. I took initiative, and the advice of my lawyer, by going to the DMV to report the interlock and receive a new restricted license. Three months later, I went to court and neither cop showed up for the case. The judge dismissed all charges since the state could not produce either cop.
When you receive a DUI and refuse the breathalyzer test or blow .08 or above, there are potential suspensions to your...