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What would happen if you were pulled over in Massachusetts and the driver and passengers had been smoking a vaporizer of weed
and there was closed containers of alcohol in the car out of sight. Would it all fall on the driver for a dui and transporting alcohol under age? what about the passengers?
In order to properly and legally competently evaluate your case for any requisite Motions to suppress evidence you need...
Do I have a case against wrongful termination or am I at least correct?
I was employed at a chemical manufacturing plant, Last Friday I was preforming my normal duties moving a container full of ethanol alcohol and the forklift jerked to a stop causing me to spill it. Mind you I'm on the second floor and theres no drains and its a highly flammable material. I only received a 20 minute video and a 10 minute instruction on how to operate it and failed the physical test but was still given a key. Theres no daily checklist done on the forklift (which is OSHA required), it has a slow leak of hydraulic fluid, it hasn't been serviced since god knows when, the clutch is starting to slip, and not to mention the spill wasn't reported to the EPA or local fire department. The spill resulted in the plant being shut down for the rest of the day while me and a few of the maintenance people spread it around to dissipate. I WA also on my 90 day probation period. I reported the forklift to OSHA today. I'm not mad about being fired I just dont think its safe to let others drive it in that condition. Any advice?
It depends on what was the communication between you and your supervisor(s) and how your performance reports were up to...
Can I take back to court the DMV's decision to revoke my Ma. drivers license for life if found not guilty of the DUI charge ?
I have been charge with DUI number 5 though numbers 3 and 4 were 20 years ago and both were not guilty findings. The DMV revoked my license specifically for refusing to take a chemical test. I personally know of a situation some 10 years ago were some one was able to get a court hearing where by the court ordered the DMV to return the drivers license. The reason for that 10 year revocation was due to being charged with a 4th DUI. I am hearing that in my case, because the revocation was written for the chemical test refusal and not a DUI number that the court will not hear the case for reinstatement. Any feed back you can offer is greatly appreciated and thank you for your time. Lou M.
I would suggest you contact an attorney that specializes in DUI defense immediately.
Do I have to show up in court the day my DUI/CWOF is up?
My DUI probation is up on 7/26. I am in MA. What do I need to do on that day?
Unless there was some specific requirement placed upon you, nothing. Your probation will terminate if you have...
Can I hire a lawyer to clear my driving records from a DUI from 5 years ago to be able to get hired at a car dealership?
DUI from 5 years ago. Blood test was performed getting at .24. No one was hurt just got pulled over and was taken by the cop over night. Lost license for 1 year. Now I'm in the car sales business but a lot of places won't hire me because of that. Live in Massachusetts but incident happened in new Hampshire.
Mass RMV driving history records cannot be "cleared", sealed, expunged etc.
What penalties will i face. i have no money, what will happen if i can't pay my fines?
hello, in september of 2014 i was arrested for dui and driving with a suspended license. i was arrested 18 months earlier for dui. in may of 2015 i lost my job of 28 years. i was a 1099 person and could not collect unemployment. i also lost my license in june of 2015.
I am very sorry to hear of your difficulties. In Massachusetts, we have a "Community Service" option. Generally, any...
Is there any way I can forfeit my MA. drivers license and privileges while my case is pending?
I am currently a Massachusetts resident. I've been working in NY for the past six months and have been in the process of moving to NY permanently. I recently got charged with a DUI in NY and at the time I had a valid MA. drivers license. I still plan on moving and hopefully continue to work in NY. My suspension in NY would be for a year, but due to the Drivers License Compact the RMV of Massachusetts would suspend my license for several years. I would like to serve out my suspension in NY and afterward attain a valid NY drivers license. Is there any way I can forfeit my MA. drivers license and privileges while my case is pending in order not to have a hold in the state of Massachusetts a year or two from now?
Typically you can walk into any DMV and voluntarily forfeit your privilege to drive; how that will specifically affect...