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Court says Dui an driving revoked I wasn't dui. An how can I get this looked at
I'm get out never ask me to do sobriety test. Just says going to jail because of revoked license due to my past. I go see the judge an he says Dui driving on revoked?? Is that legal?? Didn't impound the car let me call boss an wife
You cannot afford to waste time here get a lawyer now.
How much jail time will I get for violating probation with a dui second offense?
I picked up a dui second offense charge in another state. I told my probation officer and he said he would wait six months till my blood test comes back to violate me. I also had a minor in the car. I'm pretty sure I will get convicted of the dui. Which means I will be violated in my state . I'm on 11/29 misdemeanor probation so what will happen when I get violated , I have never violated probation befor
I have literally no idea. I would suggest talking to an attorney because you could be looking at anything from time...
Does a charge of reckless endangerment call for cps to remove children from home or do they wait for conviction
dui with reckless endangerment pending in court
This will be up to CPS, and will be based on their findings when they meet with you and talk with you about the...
What is penalty for a 1st DUI with refusal in tennessee
was not offered a breathalizer but was told was going to jail no matter what results of drug test was. was not told drivers license would be suspended or would have done it.
Minimum 48 hours in jail. Up to 364 days. Fine is a minimum of $300.00 plus court costs. Loss of license for one...
First offense KY DUI but TN license.
I have a TN drivers license and received a DUI in KY. I have went through all the courses, paid fines, and made it through the suspension from KY. TN has just sent me a letter saying my entire license is suspended until September. How can TN punish me further for something that has happened outside of their jurisdiction?
Because when you accept the TN license, you submit yourself to TN jurisdiction for any offenses that occur while using...
What can I do if my lawyer was too drunk to represent me in bankruptcy court
If my attorney becomes too drunk to represent me in bankruptcy court .Can I get free legal aid society
There is nothing that I know of that entitles you to free consul in bankruptcy court but I stand to be corrected. Call...
What will the judge give me for driving on revoked? When your license are revoked over first offense DUI and still on probation.
Got caught driving while my license are revoked over DUI. So how long will I have to go to jail
Uncertain. Your bigger problem is a possible probation violation for a new arrest while in probation for a DUI. You...