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I've had 3 duis. ?
Paid all my fines went through all the classes got my liscence back. My last dui was 19 yrs ago just received a letter saying my liscence was being revoked July 8 2017 can I possibly stop this from happening No duis since 1998 and nothing else on my driving record
The DMV cannot simply revoke your driving privileges. There has to be a conviction for something that triggers the DMV...
Is it possible to have a DUI expunged ?
I was convicted of a DUI in PA about 2 years ago, but I now live in Buffalo, NY and would like to be able to travel to Canada being so close but I'm afraid I won't be allowed to cross the border, is it possible to have those charges expunged ?
You'll need to ask on a PA forum. The state where the case happened will control
What does it mean when you have a conference with a supervisor for DWI?
Hello, I was charged with a DWI a few months back in Suffolk County NY. It is my first offense, no priors. My attorney, through a conference was able to get a deal where I can get community service, victim impact panel, drinking driver program and breathalyzer in the car for a year. After the year reduction to DWI once I comply with terms and conditions. I asked my attorney what happens next court date because I haven't plead yet. I was told, "We will meet with supervisor morning of court." What does this mean? What does a Supervisor do for this? What does my lawyer mean, exactly when they imply we are meeting with a supervisor the morning of court? I'm just curious, also, if they were able to reach this deal and although not signed yet, if they told me this is what I'm getting is it likely what I'll be getting?
You have an attorney. That's who you ask.
What happens when pulled over in parking lot of autoshop that was installing IID and I was driving by myself?
I was sentenced to a conditional discharge for a DWI, and within 10 days of sentencing I had to install an IID. I drove myself to my appointment not knowing this was illegal (thought I had 10 days to install, court and lawyer never said I could not drive to the appointment, had I known I would not have driven) and there was an officer sitting in a car right outside the shop...almost like he was sent there just to catch me as I did not make a traffic error. As soon as I pulled in the parking lot, he was behind me asking if there was an IID installed. I answered "No, I'm dropping it off to install it right now". He then gave me another misdemeanor for "operating a vehicle without an IID". I feel like I was set up/entrapped as the shop owner claims this is the first time it has ever happened and the first time he has seen anyone sit outside the shop (literally on the shoulder of the road near the entrance). I am now having to appear in court with my lawyer once again to answer the charge and again in court to be resentenced for violating CD. My questions are: Will I receive jail/probation? Will this get reduced/dismissed as I was literally getting it installed as instructed?
Not that it matters to you now, but once the IID condition is imposed at the time of sentencing, you cannot operate any...
Is the roadside breathalyzer admissable in court for a DUI in NYS?
Was pulled over for speeding and given a DUI ...refused chemical testing
No, the pre-screen breath test (PBT) is not admissible on the People's case in chief but it is admissible at a probable...
In NYS does the 25 year look back on DWI occur if license is just suspended?
I had a DWAI 20 years ago and a DWI 18 years ago. Earlier this year I got another DWI. Because of my circumstances (work requires license and I have 2 disabled children) - the DA decided to cut me a deal and plead me down to DWAI as long as I complete treatment, the IDP and a Victims Impact Panel - which I fully intend to do. My license is suspended in the meantime. Am I going to have an issue with DMV and the 25 year look back period? I understand the look back is for re-licensing, but because I'm suspended I'm assuming I don't have to re-license?
The DMV regulations/look-back only becomes a factor if you are convicted of a revocable offense (versus a suspension)....
Road test with ignition interlock?
This is kind of a gray area in which I have not been able to find much information for my friend who was convicted of a dwi a few years ago. Her license was revoked for a year which she fully served and she is now getting her life back together post dwi conviction and is in the process of getting relicensed, she has her permit and has scheduled her road test. She has a vehicle registered to her with an interlock device installed. Our question is if it is necessary to use the car with the interlock for the road test or can another vehicle with no interlock be used? There are rolling retests with an interlock device and she does not want this to become an issue during the road test. This is a court ordered restriction and she is trying to be as compliant as possible. Are there exceptions for this when it comes to the road test? If necessary to have the interlock for road test, should she pull over during her road test should a rolling retest arise? If some knowledge or insight on this situation can be shared it would be greatly appreciated.
She can look at her conditions, but its usually a condition that she have interlock in any vehicle that she owns or...