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my name is cassandra l collins im 24 years old was born 7/20/1988. i also got two other tickets for no seat belt an for the speeding. the suspended licences an the no seat belt tickets have the wrong birth year on them as well what to do?
I recommend that you start talking privately with criminal defense attorneys in your area who handle traffic and...
I was arrested after taking the PBT and I refused to take anymore sobriety tests. I was then arrested and searched. They found marijuana and a pipe in my car. Im just confused, I passed my PBT and I wasnt high but the cop got my for being "high" Is this possible to fight? I dont need a 2nd DUI when I passed.
You can fight- but retain an attorney to represent you. The PBT only measures alcohol level not drugs. Whether you were...
I was arrested for DUI. I refused the blood test because I am almost positive he had no probable cause to arrest other than the fact that I invoked my 5th Amend. right to refuse field tests. If a cop asks me about a bank robbery , and I say I don't know anything or don't answer, that gives him reason to believe or probable cause that I did it? Anyway they got a warrant. Results were .06. Will they take my license for refusal even when case was dismissed? Should I site McNeely case as a defense at Adm. hearing if there is one. Can the judge just decide to give my license back or is it out of her hands. How in the world can a state law say that if you exercise your 4th Amend. right, you will be in violation of the law? How can a cop have prob. cause to arrest with nothing but invoking 5th?
There are two separate laws.
Can I use the response, "I was neither intoxicated nor impaired on Sunday, Nov. 10, 2013 at 2:24 AM." Can I say that for every question? I don't see why not? Truth is blood test was .06, passed 2 FST on video, and displayed NO signs of impairment at all in jail booking room video either. Test was done 1 hour after arrest.
If what you're saying is accurate, you should hire an attorney. You may be able to avoid trial all together. If not,...
I was charged with dui. prosecutor issued warrant for violating conditions of previous case- revocation of jail sentence. dui was dropped due to no prob. cause. I went to jail twice for a dui essentially. All 4 criteria are met for malicious prosecution. Can I sue?
Contact a lawyer in SD to discuss your case. In my state, Colorado, it is very difficult (nearly impossible) to sue a...
my spouse is facing jail time for probation violation for the 4th DUI and he is currently in jail for the 5th DUI. we retained a lawyer, the lawyer stated to my spouse that its jail time. the lawyer stated that the county where he was put on probation, the judge is very upset. what can I do help him with his case?
Has he tried counseling, and substance abuse programs? Does his attorney use these methods of defense?
my husband was on probation for his 4th DWI and was put on probation for 2years and he got caught within 3 months for his 5th what is going to happen now, I tried to bail him out and his probation officer put a hold on him, what will happen now?
You've stated he has retained a lawyer. That is a good thing under the circumstances described. Since he has counsel...