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Is there a way to use behavioral health as a defense against an OWI?
I received an OWI 2nd back in August of 2011. I am trying to get it reduced to reckless driving since I've heard that expungement in Wisconsin is rare. (I'm trying to switch to Active Army from National Guard, and can't with two on my record.) I didn't get in severe trouble with the Army for this offense because I went to behavioral health a week prior asking for help with anger management and depression, which led to a drinking problem. I didn't receive the proper help and a week later got the OWI. Is there a way to use this as a defense since I wasn't in a clear state of mind before I even started drinking? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
Only a private criminal defense attorney who knows all of the facts and circumstances will be able to help you. Get one...
OWI 5th , 6th. Violated absolute sobriety parole condition, what will happen, he is sitting in county jail now waiting
What will the PO Officer do?,
Either revocation, or a treatment ATR seem the most likely outcomes. Absent more information, I'd guess revocation, and...
I need a letter of clearance to get my liscence here in the state of wisconsin
I had 2 dui's in 01-02 in Virginia, along with some public intoxication charges. can a lawyer here get this letter of clearance from Virginia?
sounds like you have some remaining issues with the Virginia drivers services department...why don't you call the...
How will this work?
I got pulled over for a traffic stop. The officer smelt marijuana in my vehicle I stated that the marijuana was my passengers and she confessed that it was indeed hers. There was paraphernalia (that was mine) in the vehicle. although they charged me with possession of thc because of the ash in the paraphernalia. Is that even okay since I didn't have any marijuana on me?
Possession can be "actual" (i.e., on your person) or "constructive" (i.e., in an area over which you have control). I'm...
How do you reopen a "case" that you pled guilty to, and were found guilty of?
My son was charged with OWI (THC) and pled guilty. He was charged, big fine, points on his license, and to attend counseling. If he actually used THC has been in question. Today we received his blood test results and they came back negative for anything, specifically for THC. What steps do we need to take to get this case reopened and see if we an get this charge, and all the consequences that came with it, reviewed?
It will be extremely difficult. When you pled guilty, it comes with the caveat that you will not appeal your case or...
What can I expect from the courts?
Just received a third DUI. my second one was over 14 years ago.
45 days - 1 year jail, $600 - $2,000 in fines, 2-3 year driver license revocation, 1-3 year ignition interlock device.
2nd owi operating under restricted controlled substance
I was arrested while sitting behind the wheel in my car. My girlfriend had the keys in the store. I passed the subriaty test, told the office I had two beers earlier but came up .00, was taken for blood test. Any substance I would have besides a small trace if any of thc, I have a proscription for I told the officer. I told them you will find adderall, hydrocodon, and oxycodon, I have valid proscription s for Received a letter stating no ethanol was detected. The officers all kept saying I was under the influence of heroin which I was not. I am on diversion agreement for a case that will be closed in February but if I'm convicted of this. I will be revocked on my agreement. These officer have wanted me to work for them sense my 1st case but I refused to help
You raise a number of issues, all of which need to be addressed by an experienced OWI attorney. First, did the...