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Possible DUI but no indication of blood testing from medical records, case to be presented to grand jury
I had a vehicle accident with property damage. There was a beer can in the vehicle at the time of the accident and a loaded gun (I have a carry permit). I was flown to a trauma center. No records from the hospital show any BAC testing. I have not been arrested, and the officer who worked the accident is presenting this to a grand jury. My friends say that I was sober when I left their home just 20 minutes before the accident. I do have a history of passing out, but this has not ever been investigated medically. 1.) Is it typical for BAC blood testing to occur without it showing up on a patient's medical records? Also, 2.) If there is sufficient evidence of DUI, why hasn't the officer just arrested me instead of going to the grand jury?
The reason why there have been no charges is the state is gathering evidence, and presenting it to the grand jury. The...
Do premature drug exsposed babys get SSI or SSDI
we took custody of our first grand baby and just learned she was born with drugs in her system. She is 6 months old now and no delay was noted at her discharge, other then at risk for SPD ( Sensory processing disability) we was told that just have been born drug exposed automatically gave her a check till she is 3 years old. Is there any truth to this?
Probably not the right web site to consult try WEB MD or a medical website.
Resident of Tennessee, DWI in Arkansas. First DWI
I am a resident of Tennessee. I was pulled over and issued a DWI in Arkansas, first DWI. They took my license and issued me a temporary one ( a piece of paper good for 30 days). My questions are: - Will TN be notified of the DWI? - How do I get my license back and is it also suspended in TN? - I am on probation in TN, I have 45 days left. Probation ends before first Arkansas court date. What can I expect? Violation of probation? Should I inform them since it was in another state or wait it? Also, I have 7 days to request an administrative hearing for license suspension. Not sure whether to mark the box to fully contest it or mark the one for restricted. Again, confused. I'm licensed in TN and this was in Arkansas. I have reached out to a few AR attorneys but have not heard back. Thanks for looking.
TN will likely be notified. How you go about getting your license back will depend on how your case turns out. Your PO...
Can i still be charged with a V.O.P for a failed drug screen 4 months before probation expired what is the most likley out come!
I went in to probation lime normal an was poped with a random screen... Do i go to the back take the test an fail for said substance at which point i asked to have sent to the lab because of a drug that was said to have faild for. When the test comes back my P.O puts A V.O.P on me an i stay on the town until my sentence eneded on oct 10th 2016.. Will i be ok?
You will be ok or know if your ok when your attorney advises you of your options after reviewing all the facts and evidence.
What will happen, I am 20 and was arrested for dui and possession of drug parerphanalia I did not take any bac test.
The officer said i had been drinking and I asked me to take a field sobriety test, which he said I failed he searched my vehicle in probable cause and found a pipe. I am in college studying to be a teacher and coach, will I even have a chance to do this now?
You need a Criminal Defense Attorney asap. You have many options available that may preclude a conviction.
Hospitalized and treating doctor thought I was taking street drugs
when entering hospital I was ill, after blood test the hospital staff thought I was taking amphetamines when I was not. during my stay I was miss treated and still have bruises. in the hospital reports the treating doctor said I was a know drug addict and I have only lived in the area since 2013. these records could cause me to loose my school funding and Social Security. Not to mention I went trough hell in the hospital and with drawl. I have spoke to a new PC and had a random drug test both blood and urine and spoke to my pain dr whom takes tests every 30 days they both say I was treated unfairly in the hospital.
Sorry to hear of your bad treatment.
Should I sue my former employer?
I was a secretary at a large hospital. My boss told me that HR got an anonymous call that I was on drugs. My boss said the only way to clear it up was to take a drug test. I did on-site. A collection tech watched me give a specimen and proceeded to test it. The test was negative. I was sent back to work. Eight days later, I received a call from an MRO saying I was positive on a confirmation test and I was discharged.
Since Tennessee is an at-will employment state, you probably do not have a cause of action unless you had an employment...