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The NJ DMV law says I need a breath analyzer when my license is restored, do I still need that device if I dont have a car?
I would like to restore my license and then move to Florida and transfer my license there. I can use public transportation while I save up to buy a car.
If you don;t have a car, obviously you can't install one. However, until you get one, I believe they won't restore...
Does a Laurick motion lower suspension time or only jail time?
I plead guilty to a dwi in 1989. I was charged with a dwi in 2008 and refusal in 2013, but was granted a Laurick motion for the 1989 conviction. I did not have to go to jail thank god, but am trying to put my life back in order, not easy to do without a license. Is there a way to have the Laurick order apply to my suspension (2 years vs 10 years)?
Yes a Laurick Motion relates to the jail portion of the sentence not to the loss of license.
Hi... In New Jersey if you are convicted of a 2nd DUI, is there a mandatory jail term or is that up to the judge? Thanks, Mac
I had some wine and drove to work at 10 am. While parking I dented the car next to me. I was arrested on DUI.
A second DWI carries a mandatory 2 - 90 days in jail, though often two days at the IDRC are substituted for the two...
Third DWI in less than a year and second driving with a suspended license penalties?
My soon to be ex spouse was in an accident with his fathers car yesterday. He totaled the car and was arrested for dwi, careless driving, failure to keep right, driving with a suspended license, and open container. This is his third DWI since September 2015. What are the penalties for this many DWI in under a year? I already know he is going to jail for the last on from February. Thank you for your answers.
He faces 6 months for the third DWI and 18 months for driving on the DWI revoked list, which is an indictable criminal...
What kind of ramifications will come from a third dwi charge within five years?
My husband was arrested on Monday for a third dwi plus issued six other tickets one including driving with a suspended license. The first dwi was in August 2013 and the second was September 2015. He hasn't completed all the requirements from the second dwi. What are his chances he will avoid jail time? He also refused a breath test and refused all field sobriety tests on Monday.
If convicted of a 3rd DWI with 10 years of the second DWI, he will lose his license for 10 years, will be sentenced to...
Is it possible to get a reduction on the term of an interlock device?
I got a second offense dui in December of 2012. Ive had my license back since March of 2015, after 2 years without it, needless to say I learned my lesson. I received the max term on the ignition interlock, no thanks to the useless public defender I had. I have had my license back over a year now with my only lockout being from a failed rolling retest because I left the vehicle running. I started a new career where I'll need to get a second vehicle and I honestly can't afford to pay for the device in more than one vehicle.
It is unlikely that at this time you would be able to reduce the time of the interlock. The best time to have made the...
Can I Sue the Drunk Driver, if I wasn't hurt?
I was driving the other night, and a drunk driver came in my lane. We would have had a head on collision, but I swerved off the road. Still, the driver side of my car is smahed in and my car is totaled. My friend and I miraculously weren't hurt. But I'm wondering if I can still sue this person? He almost killed us and has no regard for human life. I'm actually terrified to get back behind the wheel . Would I be able to get a lawyer, who doesn't charge me, but takes a percentage of the settlement? Thank you for your advice.
This is a personal injury question. You are not permitted to sue for being "in the zone of danger" without personal...