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Can you get prison time for a VOP on a driving while license suspended felony when the original charge was 7yrs ago
my husband last year was arrested for driving while his license was suspended from a DUI that occurred 7yrs ago he recieved 3yrs probation and now a year later he was caught again while driving on a suspended license, with VOP I am curious as to whether or not he will be serving prison time or county jail seeing as the original offense 7 yrs ago was DUI, he has no other charges beside VOP driving while license was suspended as there was no alcohol or drugs involved but because it was originally from a suspension for DUI 7 yrs ago its kinda confusing
There is no way to predict how the violation might be resolved. It depends on his prior criminal history, the judge,...
How can I get my license reinstated at a residential rehabilitation program? How much would the cost be?
I have been sentenced to a rehab facility for a year. I have one dui and unpaid fines. I am in treatment for substance abuse can I use my treatment here to get my license so I can find better Employment opportunities?
You will have to set up a payment schedule with the clerk of courts. Some of these can be paid through community...
If I got a DUI in December of 2015 and have to carry FR44 insurance. When does that start date go into effect?
I got a DUI in December of 2015 in Florida. I have since then paid off all my fees and fines and am no longer on probation. On my court papers it states that I must carry an FR44 insurance for 3 years minimum. However there is no start date listed. When I called insurances to get quotes on the FR44 they were informing me that since it's already been a year since the DUI I'd only have to carry the FR44 for TWO years now instead of the THREE. He told me however that I should double check with a lawyer. So would I have to carry the FR44 for 2 years now since it has been a full year since my court hearing. Or does timing start the moment I get an FR44 insurance? I am very confused and want to make sure I am paying ONLY for the months I need to pay for.
I'd call a ticket attorney or go to the local court and speak to the clerks in the clerk of court office.
If I have a closed DUI in the state of Florida. But still haven't got my driver license. Could I get my driver license in Utah?
I got my DUI in the state of Florida December of 2015. I have already paid all my fines and fees. I am no longer on probation. However I have still yet to obtain my driver license. I am aware that there are certain conditions the court wants me to follow in order to get my driver license back in the state of Florida (FR-44 insurance for 3 years and a breathalyzer for 6 months) If I decided to move to another state like Utah. Would I still have obtain all that in order for me to drive again in a different state since it's Florida that I got my DUI in? Or would it be a completely different set of rules I have to abide by? Or none at all?
The DMV is a national agency with state divisions. Therefore, if your license is suspended in one state, then it is...
If I'm intoxicated and somebody hits me with there car who is at fault?
Was hit buy truck was a pediastran
Depends on many facts, were you in a crosswalk or on the sidewalk
Can a employer be held liable for urinalysis errors?
I am a locomotive engineer. Recently while working I was involved in a rule violation. The carrier ordered a reasonable cause/suspicion drug screen. They utilized a FRA/DOT drug screen. The requirements for testing under goverment authority were not met. The manager involved was informed of the error and disregarded the information and proceeded with the test. Upon arrival at the clinic a direct observation sample collection was conducted. Direct observation requires test subject to expose their genitals to the collector. After the test was conducted, the sample returned as diluted. I was required to return and provide another sample. Again being tested under reasonable cause, even after being told by the General Manager that the first test was wrongfully administered. To compound matters further my female coworker who was also tested twice was not required to submit to a direct observation test.
You are essentially asking "can I sue", and "can I sue _______" is a civil law question. Last I checked this was...
I had a dui 17 years ago in georgia, I recently got a dui in florida. the dui school is requesting a georgia lifetime driving re
Dui in georgia 17 years ago. i now live in florida I recently got a dui. Georgia law says it stays on record for ten years and during that ten years it can be used against you. But in Florida can they go back to t hat DUI? And the DI school wants a Georgia lifetime driving record will the dui 17 years ago show even if its only ten years? My dui is in FLorida wher I live now
FL-DMV can (and will) do what it wants. The sooner you get used to that the better. In FL there is no time...