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How do I get a Intoxalot off my car as I have completed me 5 years on it
I had an attorney in Kitsap County, WA and have called 3 times and no response. I will pay an attorney to help me - I just need answer on how to make sure I get it off and not get arrested. I put it on 5 years ago August 17th. Thanks Z
You live a long way from me but I would suggest you contact D.O.L. to see what they claim your requirement is for the...
I was charged with a DUI and had it pledged down to a reckless driving. I'm planning to apply for work visa in Hong Kong.
1. Are international companies in Asia able to do a background check on me and see my convictions of how i was charged with a DUI and than pledged down to a Reckless Driving? 2. how long will reckless driving or negligent driving pledged down from a DUI stay on criminal record and driving record as a "criminal conviction"? 3. whats the differences between DUI and reckless driving if they are both still a criminal conviction. other than the different amount of fine, jail time, required classes etc? thank you
1. Yes. An international company can do a background check and see, at the least, your conviction for Reckless Driving....
If I got a duo conviction in 2006, and another one in 2016. Can the one I got in 2006 have any barring on the 2016 duo?
I just got a duo on June 28 2016. I'm being held on electric home monitoring I'm told by a judge because of three previous dui I received over a decade ago is this legal?
The prior conviction shouldn't count against you for the purpose of setting mandatory minimums for sentencing purposes...
Moving to Washington with IID restriction from California
I will be moving to Tacoma, WA in July 2017. I have two DUI convictions in CA. The most recent one was in 2014. I will be done paying fines and with the 18 month DUI program by the time of my move. However, I may not be done with the Ignition Interlock Device requirement. My hard license suspension is over as of April 2016 but I'm required by CA DMV to install an IID to any vehicle I operate for 12 months from the time of installation in order to reinstate my license How will this requirement from CA DMV affect my eligibility to obtain a driver's license in WA? Will I able to apply for a IID restricted license in WA while I complete the CA IID requirement? Will CA continue to oversee my IID requirement once I move to WA or will it be taken over by WA Department of Licensing?
If you are now going to be a resident of the State of WA., you will have to apply for a WA. drivers license. You must...
Is there anything you can do when a officer falsifies why he pulled you over?
I got pulled over and the reason was supposably for a license plate light out. I had been drinking and got arrested for a dui. After I got truck out of impound I checked the lights and they both worked. Then I took it to a mechanic and he said all wiring was fine and the bulbs were old so no way I could have replaced them. What legal action do I have?
I would contact an attorney, as this may be a basis to make the DUI go away.
DUI charge and fines, can she still be released from jail?
My sister got charged with a DUI, it got dropped to negligent driving if she would take her court ordered DUI classes. She never went to those classes and missed all her court dates for this charge along with other ones. She got picked up by the police and is now serving 38 days for the DUI. It says she has a fine of $1,145, does she have to pay this fine before she can be released after her 38 days? She has that fine a long with thousand of dollars of other fines for driving while suspended and no insurance and I want to make sure she will still be released after her 38 days or if I need to hurry up and try to find a way to get this money for her. THANK YOU!
Hello. The court will not keep your sister in jail because she has unpaid fines. Was the 38 days imposed as a sanction...
Where can I get a alcohol assessment for free. I had 3 dwi s last one in 1995
Need alcohol assessment I completedvtreat ment way back then my last dwi was in 1995 no trouble since then and would I have to file an sr22 after all this time
I suggest using this website to assist in your search for an alcohol assessment provider.